The 10 Best Tool Pouch Belts

The 10 Best Tool Pouch Belts

The 10 Best Tool Pouch Belts

The 10 Best Tool Pouch Belts

Just like with tool bags, my advice would to invest in a high-quality tool pouch belt.

It’s going to last a lot longer and be way more practical.

When it comes to buying the best tool pouch belts, there’s a broad selection of types to choose from and certain features you’ll want to pay attention to.

In this guide, I’ll review my favorite pouch belts and also give you some advice on how to choose the right one.

CLC Custom Leathercraft Professional Carpenters Belt

CLC Custom Leathercraft Professional Carpenters Belt

  • 18 pockets, holders, and sleeves for storing tools and small spares
  • All components are interchangeable and removable
  • Adjustable handle for straightforward carrying
  • Apron provides plenty of storage without spillage
  • Belt is constructed with durable ballistic polyester fabric
  • 5” wide tool belt with dual tongue steel roller buckle
  • Fits waist sizes of 29” to 46”

The CLC Carpenters Belt has everything you’d want in a combination belt with 18 pockets. This removable and interchangeable belt is incredibly versatile and suited for various applications.

The belt consists of 9 core pockets, 6 smaller ones, and 2 steel loops for hammers. It also has a pry bar holder, and the stay open attribute on the primary pockets provides easy access to tools.

Additionally, the convenient design on this belt allows for easy adjustments, as well as carrying and storing tools and spares without spillage.

What customers are saying

This carpenter’s belt received rave reviews with customers saying that the belt fits comfortably without sliding down, works well, and has plenty of storage space.

However, other customers said that the tape measure clip is in a different location than shown in the pictures. They also mentioned the belt is well designed but poorly constructed.

Pocket Top Grain 4 Piece Pro-Framer's Combo

Pocket Top Grain 4 Piece Pro-Framer's Combo

  • Heavy duty leather belt combo with durable nylon thread contrast stitching
  • Dual pouch design featuring 17 compartments
  • Dual prong roller buckle
  • Fits waist sizes of 34” to 46”
  • Tapered leather belt with a width dimension of 3”
  • Handle on each pouch for easy carrying
  • Rivets with caps for enhanced safety

The Framer’s Combo from Style N Craft has an attractive dark tan appearance with heavy duty nylon thread contrast stitching.

The design incorporates dual pouches with 17 pockets for storing tools and small spares. The belt also has a hammer holder situated in the middle and 2 small holders for pencils on the exterior.

The pry bar holders, tape holder, and combination square are all constructed with durable top grain leather for longevity, and the rivets with caps are included with safety in mind.

The belt fits waist sizes of 34 to 46 inches, but you can buy a bigger belt separately that accommodates waist sizes of 46 to 60 inches. All in all, this is a great buy.

What customers are saying

Customers gave this belt excellent reviews. The majority of them said that it’s lightweight, comfortable, and has a great finish.

They also mentioned that you get great quality for a great price.

Veto TP4-B Tool Pouch

Veto TP4-B Tool Pouch

  • Upright tool compartments
  • 20 inner and outer pockets for storing tools and accessories
  • 2 long side pockets and a handy front pocket with flap
  • 8” electrical tape strap
  • Leather trimmed panels
  • Powder coated D-rings
  • Removable rubber handle with nylon plastic connection fastener
  • 5 year warranty

The Veto Tool pouch is the modernized updated version of the previous TP4 model and features a sturdy bottom, a tool pocket with greater depth, and a tape measure clip with stainless steel rivets.

The pouch stands upright for convenience and the bottom has added protection for carrying and organizing your favorite and most utilized tools needed for your next job.

What customers are saying

This tool pouch received fantastic reviews with customers being most impressed with its upright design and hard bottom, they also loved its durable construction and overall quality.

Still, some customers had issues with the pouch tipping over and not having the capacity to store all their tools.

Dewalt 20-Pocket Pro Framer's Combo Apron Tool Belt

Dewalt 20-Pocket Pro Framer's Combo Apron Tool Belt

  • Customizable apron combo with fully adjustable suspenders that evenly distributes weight
  • 20 pockets of various sizes for storing pencils, spares, tools, nail sets, etc
  • Advanced comfort with the dual tongue roller buckle that keeps the belt secure
  • Zippered pouch for storing valuables and padded neoprene cell phone pocket
  • Suitable for waist sizes of 29 to 46 inches

This Apron Tool Belt comes with 9 large pockets and 11 smaller ones, sleeves, a zippered compartment for storing valuables, and a lanyard for keys.

The handle makes it easy to adjust the belt and carry it with one hand. The suspenders are fully adjustable with Dri Lex for convenience.

You can safely store your cell phone in the padded neoprene compartment, and the 5” dual tongue roller buckle is great for stability and comfort.

What customers are saying

This apron belt received plenty of five star reviews with most customers commenting on its superior design and build, storage space, fit, and comfort.

Other customers complained about it, saying that the plastic connector clips on the suspenders are unable to carry the weight of the belt and tools.

Gatorback Carpenters Pro-Comfort Back Support Belt

Gatorback Carpenters Pro-Comfort Back Support Belt

  • Fits all sizes
  • Unique patented air channel design for breathability, comfort, and advanced airflow
  • Foam backing ensures the belt remains cool for added comfort
  • Carpenters tool compartment and hammer loop on the right
  • 8” deep center compartment
  • 7 pocket clasp tool compartment on the left with easily accessible pockets
  • All stress points on the pockets are riveted and bar backed for longevity
  • Includes 1 year defect-free warranty

The Gatorback Belt is specially designed for tradesmen and installers in various industries.

It comes with 3 pouches that can hold all the common tools used for framing and carpentry. It also has a unique patented design that is not found anywhere else.

Tools usage, robustness, and comfort are all the factors that were considered when designing this belt. Plus, with all the convenient features included, it’s a great option for any carpenter to consider.

What customers are saying

This belt received excellent reviews. Most customers were extremely happy with its adjustability, size, comfort, and overall quality.

Still, some customers had issues with the Velcro stitching that does not last and the small pouches being too small.

Occidental Leather Commercial Electrician's Set

Occidental Leather Commercial Electrician's Set

  • Hand orientated tool holders for advanced productivity while working
  • Functionally designed for electricians
  • Unique tool holder structure to prevent tool spillage
  • Comes with compartments of various sizes for organizing tools, spares, and accessories

This Occidental Leather Tool Belt is constructed with superior quality materials and is considered one of the best quality tool belts in the United States.

All products are made by hand and adhere to the highest standard of quality. The belt features 1 main pocket and various other pockets for storing tools, spare parts, and accessories while on site.

This belt is ideal for electricians, with hand orientated tool holders and no tool spill system.

What customers are saying

This tool belt received mostly five star reviews with most customers commenting on its durable yet lightweight design, storage compartments, and fit.

However, some customers had issues with the tool pouch sizes being too small.

Veto Pro Pac Technician Tool Pouch

The Veto Pro Tool Pouch comes with 20 convenient storage compartments. The pouch features ample space for all your tools as well as repair and diagnostic tools and meters.

The pocket bit compartments on this one come in various sizes, and the pouch itself includes a restricted 5 year warranty.

Lautus Top Grain Leather Rig Tool Belt

The Lautus Tool Belt features 100% top quality grain leather and is made with functionality, efficiency, durability, and comfort in mind. This belt will last for years to come.

It is designed to carry various tools, rulers, tape measures, and nails. Plus it’s equipped with 2 hammer loops.

All the pockets on this belt can be adjusted. It is the ideal tool bag for heavy duty use, thanks to its reinforced seams and double stitching.

CLC Custom Leathercraft Suede Leather Work Apron

The CLC Leather Apron is perfect for the contractor who needs a heavy duty apron that features loads of pockets for storing pencils, tools, pliers, nail sets, and more.

The 12” poly web belt has a metal interlinking buckle and the belt fits waist sizes of 29” to 46”.

Other handy features include its leather combo square holder, center pocket, and steel hammer loops.

McGuire-Nicholas Professional Electrician's Pouch

The McGuire Pouch is made with robust oil tan leather and enables you to store all your tools within a convenient reach, whenever you’re on site.

It boasts multiple compartments and is ideal for contractors and electricians, thanks to its fastener storage, work tools compartments, metal tape holder clip, tape chain, and snap chain.

All stress points are rivet-stabilized for added stability and durability. The tunnel loop is 3” wide, making it easy to thread a belt through.

Suspender belts

These are perfect for carrying loads of heavy tools and nails since they take the weight away from your hip area and evenly distribute it to your shoulder area.

Thus, you are better able to carry that additional weight without hurting yourself.

Suspender belts are much easier on the lower back than other models and usually come with various adjustments for a perfect and comfortable fit.

Waist belts

Waist belts are pretty standard and easily accessible.

They can be used for most work conditions. However, they do pose a problem with placing a lot of pressure on your waist and are therefore not a suitable choice for prolonged use.

If you’re working onsite for long periods, it’s best to choose an adjustable tool belt with better support.

Hip belts

Hip belts are positioned on your hips, making them incredibly useful for keeping tools in reach yet out of your way.

The downside with these belts is that it can be tricky to hold onto something while using your other hand to rummage through the belt and find a specific tool.

These belts are a popular choice due to their lightweight design, but they can only store a few small tools and are not suitable for holding multiple things.


Pouches are highly convenient. They can be added to the tool belt when needed and removed when not. This means you can adjust your tool belt according to your needs.

Pouches with large pockets are convenient for holding various items. Also, look for one that is strong enough to carry heavy tools.

Pouches with double stitching are best because they will not come off the belt or fall apart at the seams once filled with heavy items.


Aprons are excellent choices for those who choose to wear the tool belt but also need to protect their body and clothes at the same time.

These aprons are constructed from heavy canvas, they are comfortable, and they protect you when using nail guns, saws, and other tools.

Look for an apron that features spacious waist pockets in the front plus allows you to wear the apron on its own, without an additional tool belt.

The waist straps must be useful in distributing weight evenly to allow you to stay comfortable. Aprons with adjustable straps are a must as well since they ensure the best fit.


There are typically two design options – waist or harness. Waist tool belts are standard, while harness tool belts are suited for working at heights.

It all depends on which style you require for work and your individual preference.


The most common material types for tool belts are nylon, leather, synthetic fiber, or in rare cases, canvas. All of these materials are excellent choices.

Pockets and storage

When choosing a tool belt, the quantity, depth, and durability of the pockets are all essential factors to consider, especially since the pockets are what holds your tools and accessories while working.


Hauling a bunch of tools around while working onsite can actually be comfortable.

When choosing a harness belt, look for models that have padding. Also check for robustness, weight capacity, and the thickness of the harness strap.


Tool belts are designed for holding sharp, heavy, and pressure inducing items and tools. With the proper handling and maintenance, there is no reason why your tool belt should not last for years.