The 10 Best Heavy Duty Barber Chairs

The 10 Best Heavy Duty Barber Chairs

The 10 Best Heavy Duty Barber Chairs

The 10 Best Heavy Duty Barber Chairs

If you want to cultivate a loyal stream of customers for your barbershop, choosing the right barber chair is essential.

Apart from the right style for your salon, you should be looking for a high quality comfortable chair with all the right features.

To help you choose the right chair, I’ve recommended my favorite barber chairs below.

BR Beauty K.O. Professional Barber Chair

BR Beauty K.O. Professional Barber Chair

  • Swivel rotation of 360 degrees with an extra-wide seat for larger users
  • Resistant hydraulic pump and reclining options.
  • Optional kick-out footrest with adjustable incline
  • Maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds
  • 2-year warranty on the hydraulic pump

The name says it all- your clients will be knocked out after sitting on the K.O Barber Chair.

Well that’s the claim anyway…

The chair is incredibly stylish and fully adjustable with a very resistant alloy steel frame. It is available in black and can be used as a barber, styling, salon, or tattoo chair.

Similar to the adjustable kick-out footrest, the chair’s headrest can also be adjusted according to the height of the client.

What customers are saying

People are extremely happy with this chair and say that it is comfortable, solid, and very easy to turn from one side to the other.

The quality is also excellent but there are some complaints about the headrest, which sometimes moves or slides out of place.

BarberPub Vintage Heavy Duty Metal Frame Chair

BarberPub Vintage Heavy Duty Metal Frame Chair

  • Old-style, vintage barber chair with high-density memory foam covered in leather
  • Steel frame with a very resistant hydraulic pump and a 27” base
  • Maximum capacity of 700 pounds
  • Complete 360-degree swiveling
  • Reclining function of up to 135-degrees
  • Adjustable height and headrest
  • One-year limited warranty

The BarberPub Vintage is a classic barber chair with an exceptionally professional look and an extremely resistant frame.

With a weight capacity of 700 lbs, the chair was definitely built to last, but comfort was not compromised as it includes an adjustable footrest and headrest.

You will also have towel bars beside the armrests, convenient pedals, and smooth adjustment levers.

What customers are saying

This chair has received excellent reviews from customers, and most of them are very impressed by the sturdiness and thickness of the chair.

People who bought it say that it looks professional and despite seeming complex, it is also very easy to put together with no special tools required.

Artist Hand Vintage Barber Chair

Artist Hand Vintage Barber Chair

  • Vintage style barber chair with a steel frame and black leather
  • Rounded and very comfortable cushioning with padded armrests
  • Flip-style footrest and adjustable headrest
  • Reclining option of up to 145 degrees
  • Very resistant hydraulic pump with a maximum user weight of 700 lbs

If you’re looking for a vintage barber chair and don’t like the one above for some reason, this one might pique your interest.

This Artist Hand model is what we consider the best vintage barber chair on the market.

It also has a maximum user weight of 700 lbs, but what makes it exceptional is the additional reclining option of 145 degrees.

It has a more conventional design than others but still reminds you of the good old days in barbershops.

Additionally, the chair can be used by tattoo artists and features a wear-resistant type of leather that is very easy to clean.

What customers are saying

Most people who bought this chair are impressed with its functions.

They all agree that it is extremely easy to assemble and will give a beautiful vintage feel to any barbershop.

Paddie Hydraulic Reclining Barber Shop Chair

Paddie Hydraulic Reclining Barber Shop Chair

  • Stable chrome base of 23’’ and no wobbling
  • Free swiveling mechanism of 360 degrees
  • Excellent reclining of 135-150 degrees with a reliable locking mechanism
  • Adjustable seat height from 19’’ to 26’’, with a pump lifting height that reaches 6’’
  • Weight capacity of 400 pounds

Reclining functions are especially useful in barber chairs as you might need a considerable degree of reclining to retouch a goatee or shave off a client’s beard with ease.

The Paddie Hydraulic Reclining Barber Chair features a classic design, with a suitable reclining option and a comfortable seat with adjustable height.

It also has comfortable footrests covered by fillers and allows for swiveling and easy rotation.

There aren’t many customer reviews on this chair as yet, but so far the rating is pretty high and most people who bought it are overall satisfied with what they received.

Artist Hand Hydraulic Reclining Barber Chair

Artist Hand Hydraulic Reclining Barber Chair

  • Designed ergonomically with high-density sponge
  • Covered with elegant PU leather, three colors available
  • Comfortable bottom lever to adjust the seat height to a maximum of 5’’
  • Reclining option of up to 135 degrees
  • Free swiveling option of 360 degrees
  • Heavy frame with a maximum load capacity of 440 pounds
  • Easy instructions, with a total assembly time of 15 minutes

The Artist Hand Hydraulic Reclining Barber Chair is covered with elegant leather and features several different designs to choose from.

The chair is perfect for giving haircuts but it’s also suitable for tattoos and shaving. The design is attractive and the structure is durable.

The chair is sold at a lower price than its competitors and has a premium steel frame that’s supported by a 27” chrome base which can hold up to 440 lbs.

What customers are saying

Most people who bought the chair say that it’s sturdy, comfortable, elegant, and provides a great deal of value for the money spent.

Some say they had problems with damaged parts but these issues were quickly solved by Artist Hand’s responsive customer service.

Artist Hand Hydraulic Reclining Barber Chair

Artist Hand Hydraulic Reclining Barber Chair

  • Comfortable chair, supported by high-density sponge and a PU leather cover
  • Adjustable seat height up to 6”, with a convenient bottom lever
  • Backrest can be easily reclined and locked up to 135 degrees
  • 360-degree swiveling with a stable frame
  • Maximum loading capacity of 330 pounds
  • Easy 15-minute assembly with detailed instructions

If you don’t need a very high loading capacity and prefer a smaller chair that doesn’t feel bulky in your barbershop, this Artist Hand model may be better for you than the one above.

It’s cheaper but it’s still high-quality despite its price. You get a premium steel frame, a stable chrome steel base, a comfortable seat, and an electroplate steel footrest.

The chair is also extremely durable and easy to clean.

What customers are saying

Most people who bought this chair say that it looks amazing, it’s sturdy and it is very easy to assemble. They also say that it’s an extremely high-quality chair despite the price.

However, some people have reported seeing minor cracks or tears on the leather covering or the armrests upon delivery.

BarberPub All Purpose Heavy Duty Vintage Chair

This is a multipurpose barber chair with a maximum loading capacity of 500 pounds.

The chair is manufactured with stainless steel and features an aluminum alloy frame that’s equipped with a free 360 swiveling and a 140-degree backrest recline option.

The height adjustment goes up to 8 inches and the seat will provide the comfort your customer needs.

People who bought this chair say that it feels sturdy and resistant, but what they love the most is its wide backrest, perfect for accommodating oversized and taller clients.

THEO Vintage Styling Barber Chair

If you’re looking for a vintage-style chair for your barbershop, the THEO Vintage is another great option to consider.

It is manufactured with stainless steel and features hand-stitched upholstery with top-grade vinyl that feels similar to real leather.

The chair is also remarkably stylish and has an adjustable seat height of 23’’ to 31’’ with a rotation option of 360 degrees.

It is well-balanced, extremely stable, and can support a whopping 900 pounds.

What customers are saying

People who bought this chair say that the seat has plenty of room and it is very comfortable.

The chair is very heavy but it’s also highly resistant, meant to last, and worth the money spent.

Superworth All Purpose Heavy Duty Salon Chair

The Superworth All Purpose is an extremely reliable heavy-duty barber chair, with a loading capacity of 400 pounds.

The chair has a double-reinforced saddle and a heavy-duty hydraulic pump that enables you to adjust the seat height.

It is manufactured with stainless steel, PVC, and high-density sponge. The adjustable height goes up to 7’’, and it reclines enough for precise beard shaving and grooming.

What customers are saying

People who bought the Superworth say it is a very comfortable and sturdy chair that is extremely easy to assemble and install. It’s also very heavy but feels incredibly resistant.

The only problem reported was that the chair may not be the best option for tall barbers.

Artist Hand Reclining Barber Salon Chair

This 2022 upgrade of the Artist Hand Reclining Barber Chair includes a very resistant hydraulic pump and a 27” base.

It can hold up to 450 pounds and feels extremely comfortable with its super thick sponge padding and satin PU leather. It is also remarkably easy to install, clean, and use.

The backrest has a reclining option of up to 135 degrees, and height adjustment goes up to 6 inches.

What customers are saying

Most people who bought this chair are mostly impressed by the thickness and comfort of the seat. They say it is comfortable, sturdy, and very easy to assemble.

However, some people encountered problems such as missing or damaged parts upon arrival, but this was easily solved by contacting the seller.

You may have noticed there are different categories and types of barber chairs. But what does each one offer?


As the name implies, the all-purpose barber chair is very versatile and suitable for both shaves and haircuts.

Most of them can be used as tattoo chairs and some of them are appropriate for dentists as well.

These chairs have several adjustability features, most of which include the seat height and level of incline which enables you to find the best fit for your client.


The vintage style gives off the impression of a restored barber chair and looks absolutely fantastic in old-school barbershops.

This old-fashioned style has not lost its touch and is able to attract both old clients and new ones.


Modern barber chairs fall into many different price ranges and some of them are very low.

They have several different designs and although they look better in modern barbershops and salons, their function is basically the same.


The European style consists of heavy wooden arms, a detachable footrest, and a headrest. It also comes in several different designs and materials.

Since a barber chair is so important for your shop, be sure to look for features that will really make a difference. We recommend the following:

Electric controls

Having electric controls in a barber chair gives you more control and a more precise adjustment. It is also safer and makes your client feel secure.

Reclining features

This feature is vital for barbers, especially if you offer beard grooming and shaving services.

In this regard, locking mechanisms are essential to prevent unwanted movements and to increase your level of precision.

Swivel movements

Swiveling is another important function in a barber chair. This feature allows you to move faster and complete a haircut in a very short time.

Hydraulic functions

Having a hydraulic system in your barber chair is another way to make height adjustments easier and more precise.

It is usually a very sturdy mechanism, but you should always check the maximum loading before using this feature.

Most barber chairs are made of leather and other easy-to-clean materials. Cleaning should be performed with only a clean wipe, chemical cleaners are not required.

Maintenance is also essential. So always check the bolts and fixings. Also, look for oil residues or any leaks if your chair has a hydraulic pump.