The Best Modern Papasan Chairs

The Best Modern Papasan Chairs

The Best Modern Papasan Chairs

The Best Modern Papasan Chairs

Want a comfortable and modern papasan chair for your home?

They’re incredibly relaxing to sink into its soft cushion and watch a movie, study, or read a good book.

These chairs are also ideal for various living spaces such as porches, kids’ rooms, living rooms, or dens.

Some of them are also foldable, which is convenient for storage and transportation.

In this review, I’ll list my favorite modern papasan chairs.

OSP Designs Papasan Chair

OSP Designs Papasan Chair

  • Made from 100% polyester
  • Tufted cushion design for added relaxation
  • Steel frame covered in woven polypropylene wicker
  • Sturdy base with 360° swivel functionality
  • Seat height maximum – 16.5”
  • Weight capacity of 200 lbs
  • Available in a range of colors

The OSP papasan chair features an upgraded design with a weight capacity of 200 lbs.

Its tufted cushion is made from 100% polyester and sits on a steel frame covered in woven polypropylene wicker.

The chair is extremely laid back and available in a great selection of colors, making it perfect for dorm rooms, homes, or apartments. Another standout feature is its 360° swivel functionality.

What customers are saying

Customers gave this chair great reviews, commenting on its sturdiness, affordability, and how comfortable it is.

Some had issues with the cushion starting to go flat quickly making the chair uncomfortable to sit in. A few also said the ball bearing fell out.

Milliard Wicker Papasan Chair

Milliard Wicker Papasan Chair

  • Robust steel frame covered with poly rattan
  • Integrated fabric straps that prevent the cushion from moving
  • Weight capacity of 265 lbs
  • 360° swivel action
  • XL chair to support adults, teens, and kids
  • Available in two color choices: wood or brown
  • Quick and easy assembly

The Millard papasan chair is a definite crowd pleaser with its extra large body and 265 lbs weight capacity that supports individuals of all ages.

The chair is built with durability, style, and comfort in mind. It has a poly rattan wrapped robust steel frame with a tufted cushion that is held in place with integrated fabric straps.

You can kick your feet up and relax in this chair both outdoors and indoors.  Other features include its 360º swivel action, quick assembly, easy cleaning, and two color choices.

Customers love this chair and everyone agrees that it is well-made, sturdy, easy to put together, and super comfortable.

Solid Twill Double Papasan Chair Cushion

Solid Twill Double Papasan Chair Cushion

  • Made from 100% polyester
  • Includes a single mamasan cushion
  • Chair pads included
  • Double cushion dimensions: 65” wide, 48” deep, and 6” high
  • Available in various color choices
  • Manufactured in the US

The Solid Twill double papasan chair is the perfect marriage between comfort and style. It features a double papasan cushion in a dark chocolate color to match most décor styles.

This cushion is also available in a range of other colors, and the material is made from 100%  polyester. Along with the double papasan cushion, the chair also includes one mamasan cushion.

This one can be placed in family rooms or reading nooks and is perfect for relaxing with a good book and a cup of joe.

What customers are saying

Customers were extremely impressed with their purchase and commended its size, fit, comfort, and overall value for money.

Others were disappointed that their purchase only included the cushion, and not the frame as well.

Brafab Swing Egg Papasan Chair

Brafab Swing Egg Papasan Chair

  • Suitable for one person
  • Available in dark grey
  • Durable polyester & PVC rope on the back of the chair
  • Lightweight yet durable aluminum egg chair frame
  • Weight capacity of 350 lbs
  • Weather resilient with a powder coated, electrophoretic painted steel chain link and stand

We love this papasan chair from Brafab. It is remarkably easy to assemble and disassemble, making it perfect for people who prefer to use it in different areas of their home.

The hammock chair and frame also come with all accessories and tools you need for assembly.

You can sit on the back porch with a cup of coffee while listening to nature, curl up in a corner somewhere in your home with a good book, or simply use it as a comfy chair for an afternoon nap.

Everything, from the chain link to the egg basket, is constructed with quality and durable materials that are weather resistant to last for years to come.

This chair received mostly 5 stars, with customers commenting on its quality, value, comfort level, and easy assembly.

Milliard Cozy Faux Fur Saucer Chair

Milliard Cozy Faux Fur Saucer Chair

  • Foldable design for straightforward storage and transportation
  • Perfect for dorm rooms, bedrooms, and game rooms
  • Easy to clean
  • Extra large size to support people of all ages
  • Cushion material: faux fur
  • Durable metal frame

Everything about the Milliard faux fur papasan chair communicates comfort and coziness. The chair is perfect to sink in while reading a book, watching TV, or simply relaxing.

It’s another crowd pleaser that is suitable for all age groups with its extra large size, durable metal frame, and  265 lbs weight capacity.

Cleaning the chair is simple with only mild detergent, warm water, or a moist cloth needed. This chair also folds up for easy transportation and storage.

Customers gave this model fantastic reviews, saying that it is comfortable, soft, durable, sturdy, and super easy to set up.

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Whether you’re chilling with friends, studying, reading, or simply relaxing, this comfortable saucer chair with faux fur from Mainstay will add color, comfort, and exuberance to your space.

The chair offers a seat that is extremely wide for user comfort, and 100% polyester material that feels lush and soft to touch. The fabric is also incredibly easy to clean.

The steel frame is foldable, making the chair easy to transport and store. Plus, you can choose between five different colors, including black, aqua, cherry red, hot pink, and royal blue.

Customers gave this chair decent reviews, commenting on how comfortable and sturdy it is. Many also said that it is a lot better than what they expected for the price.

Better Homes & Gardens Papasan Chair

Get comfy in this super soft, fleecy chair with a cushion upholstered in Sherpa and a robust steel frame with faux wicker detailing.

This chair is the ideal choice for sprucing up your den, playroom, kid’s room, family room, or living room. Its bowl fits comfortably to its base, making it perfect for comfortable and stable seating.

The chair is also easy to assemble and clean. It has a polyester material that must be hand washed only and then laid flat to dry.

The stylish design and color will add sophistication to any room, and it blends in well with most décors.

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We adore this chair from TopJiä with its overstuffed dark grey cushion and rattan base (sold separately).

The plush thick cushion offers comfortable seating without feeling the structure underneath you, and it’s specially designed for longevity and comfort.

The cushion is stuffed with Doll cotton to resist pressure, and you can use it indoors or outdoors.

It’s also easy to maintain, thanks to its zipper and removable design for hand or machine wash.

You’ll be able to choose between several colors, so you can get one that fits your individual style.

Barton Papasan Chair Round Chair

You can read your favorite novel or watch a movie while enjoying the comfort of this easy to assemble Barton papasan round chair.

Family members will fight over who gets a chance to sit in it with its robust steel frame and comfortable, plush tufted cushion.

This chair features an attractive color that blends in well with other décor styles, and it has a weight capacity of 280 lbs.

You can use it in various rooms, including kid’s rooms, dens, bedrooms, and family rooms. All in all, this is an excellent papasan seating selection.

Urban Shop Oversized Saucer Chair

Enjoy ultimate comfort and relaxation with this oversized papasan saucer chair from Urban Shop.

This chair is the ideal addition to dorm rooms, TV rooms, and dens. Its foldable design makes it easy to store and cleaning is straightforward with a simple wipe down.

The chair features a safety locking device, and no assembly is needed. Simply unbox and enjoy.

There are hundreds of papasan chairs available on the market, therefore, before investing in one, be sure to consider the materials of both the cushion and frame.

Another important thing to consider is whether it will blend in well with your existing décor style, as well as the accessibility it offers.

Types of Papasan chairs

Basic bowl structure

This is the most common type and it has been around for centuries.

Mamasan chair

This type was introduced in the 1950s and is suitable for two people to sit on. It is referred to as a mamasan, and the couch shape replaced the standard bowl shape.

Modern papasan chairs

This type also includes enclosed seats and offers a cocoon-like feeling. You also get swinging, swivel, or rocking chairs for added relaxation and comfort.


Standard papasan chairs were formerly available in traditional wicker or rattan. Nowadays, you can also buy papasan chairs that are made of metal or plastic.

Many people like to use them indoors or outdoors, therefore designers had to come up with options that are durable and weather resistant.

Papasan chairs that feature robust steel or metal frames are a good choice if you are using your chair on the deck or patio.

Consider cushions that are made with 100% polyester as they can withstand outside elements. If you buy a papasan chair made with rattan or wicker, ensure that the material was properly treated.


Be sure to select a papasan chair that features a wide, stable base and efficiently supports the bowl section of the chair.

The bowl must also fit properly in the cradle so that it stays secure when you make sudden movements.


If you are currently looking for a papasan chair to add to your family room, den, or patio, you can select a traditional style made from rattan or wicker, or you can opt for a more modern version.

The most important aspects to take into consideration are the base, the cushion, the bowl, the accessibility, and how well it blends in with your existing décor style.

Papasan chairs go as far back as the 1960s and ’70s, yet they still remain a popular choice in modern times. People love them because they are so versatile.

They also add an element of peacefulness to any space and can last for many years.

We hope you have found this article helpful and that you will use it as a reference guide the next time you’re on the hunt for the best modern papasan chair.