The Best Small Modern Coffee Tables

The Best Small Modern Coffee Tables

The Best Small Modern Coffee Tables

The Best Small Modern Coffee Tables

A small modern coffee table will add a touch of elegance and functionality to any living room.

To give you some inspiration, I’ve created a list of some fantastic modern coffee tables.

I have tried to include a variety of designs that are small, unique, have storage, and are made of glass.

Hope you find what you’re looking for!

Jaxpety 2-Tier Industrial Wood Coffee Table

Jaxpety 2-Tier Industrial Wood Coffee Table

  • Beautiful design manufactured with wood and metal, appropriate for a retro design
  • Stylish wood accent with a natural look and wear-resistant coating
  • Enough storage below the table to keep books and other items under 60 lbs
  • Spacious tabletop with a maximum weight capacity of 110 lbs
  • Adjustable pads to prevent wobbling on uneven floor
  • Easy assembly with all accessories included in the package

The contrast of black metal and wood on this Jaxpety 2-Tier Coffee Table looks incredibly elegant and goes fantastic with a range of different aesthetics.

It gives your living room an industrial and natural style, plus features a simple tabletop and mesh shelf. Therefore, it is also appropriate if you’re going for a minimalist approach.

The table is sturdy, wear-resistant, and very spacious. It also has anti-slip pads on the legs to protect your floors and prevent wobbling on uneven floors.

What customers are saying

Most people who bought this coffee table were delighted with what they received. They all agree that it is very sturdy and beautiful.

Some people complained about receiving small screws that didn’t reach the tabletop but also said the issue was easily solved by replacing them with spare screws or new ones.

Mecor Black Oval Glass Coffee Table

Mecor Black Oval Glass Coffee Table

  • Tabletop made of durable tempered glass with round corners
  • Elegant black rounded design with a hollow base meant for storage
  • Excellent style for modern aesthetics
  • Compact structure and spacious tabletop, with 17.7” in height
  • Available in black and white

Everybody wants something beautiful and unique to show off in their living room. The Mecor Black Oval Coffee Table will give you just that.

The table boasts a fantastic design with an elegant and modern approach. Plus, if you prefer a brighter feel in your living room, you can get it in white instead of black.

The hollow base is designed to be used as storage under the glass, and the tabletop is very safe, with round corners made of resistant tempered glass.

Despite its modern and unique style, the price is affordable, and the design is versatile for many different design styles.

What customers are saying

Most customers are pleased with their purchase and place packaging as the top feature. This is because the table comes in a safe box that prevents any damage to its parts.

Even if you find cracks, you can contact the seller for replacements without a problem. It’s also very easy to assemble, and despite its appearance, it is sturdy and difficult to break.

Welland Rustic Elm Wooden Coffee Table

Welland Rustic Elm Wooden Coffee Table

  • Made of elmwood with a waxed finish to increase its durability
  • Crafted beautifully in a rustic style with wooden accents and a metal frame
  • Durable manufacture and safe, with round borders on the tabletop
  • 16” in height and 27” in diameter to give you plenty of space

If you have a wooden based home decor, this Welland Rustic Coffee Table is an excellent option to consider.

The table is manufactured from elmwood, giving it a reliable and rustic appearance that’s modern yet elegant. It can be used as a coffee table, indoor plant stand, or outdoor stool.

Its modern design combines metal and wood to create a harmonious atmosphere that connects natural and human-made materials.

The maximum weight capacity is 200 lbs, and the manufacturers recommend drying the table after cleaning, plus rubbing mineral oils occasionally to sustain its shiny appearance.

What customers are saying

According to happy customers, the top feature of this table is sturdiness. They say it is very resistant and versatile. It is also easy to assemble and appropriate for smaller spaces.

The value for the money is excellent due to its high-quality materials and resistant design.

Some people say that the color looks slightly darker than the pictures, but they are still very satisfied with their purchase.

Mecor Rectangle Glass Coffee Table

Mecor Rectangle Glass Coffee Table

  • Manufactured from glass, metal, and MDF, weighing 42.5 lbs
  • Sleek and modern design with a compact structure
  • Features a 2-tier storage design with 2 pieces of thick glass
  • Spacious design with enough space for books and accessories
  • Easy assembly
  • Available in white and black

The Mecor Rectangle Coffee Table is perfect for those who prefer a traditional glass table.

The table is 17.7” high, and the tabletop with storage space is very wide. It is made from frosted glass with 6 mm of thickness, and the frame can be painted black or white.

Note that this is not tempered glass, but it is still thick and very resistant.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews are very favorable and most of them rave about the sturdiness of the table. They say it’s made from high-quality materials and worth every penny.

The table is very easy to assemble and looks exactly like the images. However, some people complained that the legs tend to scratch after a while.

Shellmond Accent Cocktail Table

Shellmond Accent Cocktail Table

  • Antique metal finish with a rustic design
  • The tabletop is made from engineered wood with a hinged opening
  • Inside storage is very wide with a metal base
  • Wide storage of 26x26 and 19.75” in height
  • Appropriate design for modern farmhouse and rustic houses
  • Easy installation

If you have a rustic or industrial aesthetic in your living room, take a look at this one.

It features an antique galvanized metal finish with a wooden tabletop that has a lot of available storage space.

The distressed finish looks great with a rustic design, and it can be used as a small coffee table or side table. Either way, it’s excellent for small spaces and only weighs 20 lbs.

Alternatively, you can take out the legs, and allow the tub to sit on the floor. The weight limit is not specified, but it might not be a good idea to test the legs.

What customers are saying

Customers say that this table’s quality is very good, and it looks country chic and adorable.

Storage capacity is among its top features as the hinged tabletop adds functionality. The table is well made and sturdy, but the legs are not designed to hold anything too heavy.

Household Essentials Ashwood Round Coffee Table

Household Essentials Ashwood Round Coffee Table

  • Steel frame and laminate top
  • Stable legs with an X-frame design for more stability
  • Tabletop with a wooden finish and round surface of 31.5”
  • Table height is 16”

Your coffee table doesn’t have to be expensive to look elegant and this model is proof of that, it’s a great option to consider if you’re on a limited budget.

The table has a wood and metal contrast that will look very beautiful in a living room with a wooden-based aesthetic.

It is not actual wood but laminate. Still, it is sturdy, smooth, easy to wash, and large enough for your accessories and other items.

What customers are saying

According to user reviews, this coffee table is very easy to assemble, it comes at a very low price, and the result is adorable and high-quality.

It is appropriate for small spaces and sturdier than it might initially appear.

Modern Geometric-Inspired Glass Coffee Table

This table features a metal frame and tempered glass surfaces to ensure its sturdiness and stability. It’s a very modern piece, appropriate for your living room or any other space.

The design will fit minimalistic, industrial, farmhouse, modern, or urban styles perfectly. It’s easy to assemble and has a 2-tier space that includes a tabletop and a storage table.

Customers had nothing but praise for this table, saying that it is very elegant and well packaged. It is also easy to assemble, and sturdiness is among its top features.

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This coffee table has a sleek industrial design, with a wooden top surface and two shelves in the middle for extra storage.

It is ideal to display your decor and keep your essentials at hand or hidden from plain view. The table is made from high-quality particle boards and a very sturdy metal frame.

It is waterproof, skid-resistant, and very easy to maintain. It is appropriate as a TV stand, with a maximum weight capacity of 120 lbs.

What customers are saying

According to happy customers, sturdiness is among the top features of this table. It’s definitely worth the money if you’re looking for a resistant table with extra storage space.

The assembly instructions may be confusing at first, but it won’t be too challenging if you have some experience.

Nathan James Paloma Round Coffee Table

If you have a minimalistic home decor, you’re going to love this 2-tier coffee table. It is built with metal and features wooden surfaces made of oak wood.

The table is 18” in height, and the tabletop is round at 32×32” in diameter. It has a sleek and rustic design with floor protectors to prevent scratching.

Customer reviews are very positive, and almost every user agrees that it is worth the money spent. It is an excellent chair for small spaces and very easy to put together.

The table can be very sturdy despite being lightweight.

Convenience Concepts French Country Coffee Table

If you prefer the classic style, here’s a beautiful coffee table with a French design. The table is very elegant, featuring 2-tiers with a wooden tabletop and a low table for storage.

Sturdiness is among this model’s top features and customers say that it is very reliable, appropriate to hold a big screen TV and other bulky items.

Many also say that it is easy to put together, which can be concerning for some before buying wooden tables like these.

ChooChoo Black Wood Coffee Table

This beautiful coffee table is manufactured from hardwood and designed with slatted sides and a beautiful style.

It looks amazing in most living room aesthetics and provides a tabletop with a bottom shelf for extra storage.

The assembly is easy, and the table is 18.1” high with a rectangular surface of 39.9×22”.

What customers are saying

According to happy customers, this coffee table is great for small spaces and very easy to assemble. Sturdiness is one of its top features, and it does feel solid and thick.

The quality is good for the price, and it looks exactly like the pictures once assembled.

Elephance Round Coffee Table

If you like the look of a metal frame with wooden surfaces, consider this round coffee table.

The table is made of wood and medium-density fiberboard. It is extremely elegant and will give a vintage feel to your living room or any other space.

It’s easy to assemble and very resistant, with a maximum weight load of 264 lbs. Most customers say the chair is excellent for the price and looks beautiful once assembled.

It’s also easy to clean and has gained great reviews despite being a relatively new product.