Aeris Swopper Chair Review: The Best Chair For Active Sitting?

Aeris Swopper Chair Review: The Best Chair For Active Sitting?

Aeris Swopper Chair Review: The Best Chair For Active Sitting?

Aeris Swopper Chair Review: The Best Chair For Active Sitting?

I can’t think of a chair that has one more awards and praise than the Aeris Swopper Chair.

In fact, it has become synonymous with active sitting.

And knowing the importance of active sitting, we thought that an in depth review of the chair was in order.

So here you are, the Aeris Swopper Chair- the good, the bad, and our final verdict.

Aeris Swopper Classic

  • Dynamic chair that moves in 3D
  • High-density foam seat
  • Adjustable height lever & spring tension
  • Can hold up to 290 lbs

Staying active in the office is not an easy task, especially if you’re tied to your chair 8-10 hours a day.

We’ve seen so many different designs of chairs specialized to help with your posture, but the Aeris swopper is a completely unique chair.

German designers came up with the idea while brainstorming for a practical alternative to sitting down.

They managed to come up with a solution that combined the movements of an exercise ball with the stability of an office chair.

The base of the chair is set on a spiral that can bounce up and down, or side to side keeping your body active while you sit.

This kind of a motion is liberating for the body and brings a whole bunch of added benefits to the equation:

Aside from the satisfaction that comes with being able to bounce in a manner similar to using an exercise ball, the health benefits that come with the swopper chair cannot be overlooked:

Promotes active sitting

Sitting in any kind of chair for hours can be extremely uncomfortable and at the end of the day your body feels sore.

This is why moving around, or changing your position while you sit is extremely important for your health.

Most office chair will not allow you to much freedom of movement, but the swopper chair keeps you active as it follows the movement of your body.

You can choose to sway your hips, bounce up and down or rock back and forth while you work. This type of dynamics keeps your brain active as well.

Helps strengthen your back & core

The Swopper chair was designed to be constantly moving, so your body will naturally keep balancing itself while you sit.

After a while you stop thinking about your movements, but your back and core muscles will keep working to keep you balanced.

This means that you should be strengthening your muscles without realizing it. Sounds like a dream come true.

Promotes deeper breathing

The lack of backrest is a key part of the Swopper’s ergonomics. It should encourage you to naturally sit up and take on a better posture while you’re working on your computer.

Sitting upright will help you free up your diaphragm so you can breathe better and deeper!

Most of us don’t realize this fact, but the backrest on the standard office chairs doesn’t help us at all. Even worse it keeps us hunched or makes us slouch.

But simply taking the backrest out isn’t quite the deal here; you also get the exercise ball motion to go with your Aeris chair.

Stimulates circulation

With the Aeris Swopper chair you are constantly in a slight motion, and this is extremely good for your body. You can move up and down, side to side, in a circular motion or back and forth.

Movement means better blood circulation that pumps more oxygen to your brain, giving you increased focus and a much more productive working experience.

Active sitting is getting all the hype right now, and it is completely understandable, considering all the health benefits.

The design of the swopper chair goes a step further. It doesn’t simply promote active sitting, but it also lets you customize your sitting experience.

So if your swopper chair doesn’t feel right, you can adjust 2 important elements:

Adjust the spring hardness – If you wish for the swopper to be less bouncy turn the sleeve on the spring strut to the right. If you turn it to the left you’ll get maximum bounce.

A perfect balance would mean bouncing vertically without hitting the bottom stop.

Adjust the wobble tension – The horizontal movement of the chair is a bit difficult to adjust to in the beginning. If you wish to start with minimal wobble turn the chair upside down and start turning the hand-wheel clockwise.

As your muscles strengthen you’ll be able to change the setting and add more wobble by turning the hand-wheel counter-clock wise.

Does it take time to get used to?

The swopper is not your standard office chair so you will definitely need some time to get adjusted to it. Most people find it hard using it more than 2 hours in the beginning.

While staying active is important for your body, most of us are simply not used to this way of sitting.

Sitting on the swopper chair will mean balancing your weight between groups of muscles you might not have used before. Giving your muscles time to adjust to the new way of seating will increase your chances of liking this char.

We absolutely agree with using it for 2 hours a day for the first week.

Also have in mind that the diameter of the seat is 16” which is a bit smaller than the standard seat. The high-density foam padding on the Aeris swopper chair is pretty comfortable but still on the firm side.

The makers of Aeris even made a softer version of the seat called Aeris air.

The assembly of the swopper chair is extremely easy, since you only have three parts to work with: The base of the chair, the spring-coil and the high-density foam seat.

Step 1 – place the base on the floor with the brand logo facing upwards and the U opening facing your desk;

Step 2 – Insert the spring coil into the rubber gasket;

Step 3 – Place the seat on top of the spring’s gas cylinder.

Voila! Your swopper chair should be ready for use. Now all you have to do is sit on it and bounce energetically for 10 times

The Aeris Swopper comes with a 5 year warranty that cannot be extended to another owner. You also get a life-time warranty for the non-moving part, foam cushions and any structural parts.

Also the cylinders, casters and adjustable arms come with a 10 year warranty.

If you’re not happy with your chair you can return it within 30 days for free, just make sure to keep it like new and also protect the original packaging.

Most of the people that tried the swopper chair absolutely love it. They like the bouncy movement and the active sitting experience that the chair provides.

One of the things mentioned the most is how helpful the chair is when it comes to keeping an upright posture. This can take some time to get used to, but you should start feeling better after a while.

Almost everyone that tried the swopper chair started feeling their muscles and core strengthening.

Above all the positive comments the one that keeps repeating the most is how fun it is to bounce on the chair.

This is especially helpful for hyperactive people that find it hard to stay in one position for a long time. Staying active helps them focus on their tasks and keeps them energized.

On the down-side, most people can’t use the chair for a long time exactly due to the movement requirements.

Staying active means you spend a lot more energy while you work, and after a while you might start feeling the need for a backrest.

Also the lack of mobility is frustrating for some people, since you can’t roll around with this chair. If you need to get something from the end of your desk you will need to get up.

The high-price range might be a deterrent for some people, but the ones that give it a try say it’s absolutely worth it.

  • Promotes active sitting
  • Encourages straight posture
  • Well-built with quality parts
  • It is fun to bounce on it
  • Lack of wheels
  • Lack of backrest and armrest
  • Seat foam firm for some people
  • A bit on the pricey side

Aside from working at your desk, you could also use the swopper chair for light to medium exercise.

The movement of the chair will help you stretch your back and flex your muscles.

Circles to strengthen your back muscles and core: Sit in the center of the chair with your legs on the floor and start doing circles with your lower back. Go 10 times clockwise and then change the direction.

Forward and backward movements to flex your lower back muscles: With your feet firmly on the floor, push your bottom to the front hold the position for 5 seconds, then push back for 5 seconds.

Bounce in your chair for a better spine: Sit upright in your swopper chair, with your hands on your waist and your feet on the ground. Push yourself up and down with your feet. This will relieve any tension stored in your spine.

Lift your arms up and let the natural movements of the chair sway you side to side while balancing yourself with your feet.

We wish you a pleasant active sitting experience!