The 10 Best Trampoline Rebounders for Cardio Exercise

The 10 Best Trampoline Rebounders for Cardio Exercise

The 10 Best Trampoline Rebounders for Cardio Exercise

The 10 Best Trampoline Rebounders for Cardio Exercise

If you’re thinking about improving our cardio fitness or even core strength, you probably associate that with getting an exercise bike, treadmill, and maybe even an elliptical.

But make no mistake, a trampoline is also a fun and effective way to exercise and burn off some steam for both adults and children.

In this article, I’ll recommend some great trampolines on the market, and also help you choose the best one for your needs.

Tomser Silent Foldable Trampoline

Tomser Silent Foldable Trampoline

  • Heavy-duty design and quality with a thick steel frame
  • Load-bearing capacity of up to 400 pounds
  • Convenient padded handrail you can adjust to different heights
  • Made with waterproof, non-slip rubber and silent spring connections
  • Easy to assemble and fold for storage
  • Comes with a convenient black handbag

The Tomser is considered one of the best trampolines on the market because it has pretty much everything you need for a great workout.

It can be used indoors and outdoors without a problem, it is foldable, easy to assemble, and has a very sturdy frame with a high weight capacity.

It is also one of the safest options and has an adjustable handrail made with non-slip material.

When used indoors, it won’t bother anyone at home because it’s also very silent and stable.

What customers are saying

This trampoline does exactly what it’s meant to do and is worth the money spent.

Parents are extremely happy with their purchase and say it’s not just safe and reliable for their kids but strong enough for adults to jump on as well.

BCAN 40“ Foldable Mini Trampoline


  • Adjustable handrail with 4 levels (minimum 32’’ and maximum 42’’ height)
  • Can be used by adults and kids
  • Foldable to ¼ of its size and easily stored
  • No sharp parts are displayed
  • Anti-skid surface, with waterproof resistance for the outdoors
  • One-year warranty on the frame, handle, mat, and safety pad

The BCAN 40” Foldable Mini Trampoline is the best option to consider if you don’t have much space at home.

It works both indoors and outdoors regardless of whether you have a small house or a limited space in your backyard and you can fold it to a ¼ of its size for storage.

One of the best things about using a trampoline is that you can reach your daily 30-minute exercise in no time. It actually burns calories faster than jogging or light cycling.

This model also has a convenient handrail you can adjust to 4 different heights and is very resistant with a heavy-duty steel frame. Its maximum recommended load is 330 lbs.

What customers are saying

Most people who bought this trampoline agree that it provides great value for money.

Happy customers say that it is very easy to assemble and fold, and even though it is smaller than the average, it has an extremely resistant and reliable frame structure.

Another positive aspect is the company’s customer service, they are known to be very responsive and helpful if something goes wrong.

Stamina Oval Fitness Trampoline

Stamina Oval Fitness Trampoline

  • Oval and medium-sized jumping surface
  • Clear blue border to keep you from jumping outside of the rebounder platform
  • Safety pad around the rebounder platform with no metal or sharp parts showing
  • Lightweight, compact, sturdy, and made to last

If you need a bit more surface area and have enough room in your house or backyard, you may want to take a look at the Stamina Oval Fitness Trampoline.

It is extremely sturdy and has an oval shape that provides extra stability and balance, which allows for several different uses and types of exercise.

It’s also very resistant, made with an anti-slip surface and elastic bands, instead of metal springs for bouncing.

It has a maximum user weight of 250 pounds and is larger than the mini-trampoline but not huge, ideal for medium-sized spaces.

What customers are saying

Customer ratings are pretty good with most people saying it’s easy to assemble, very resistant, quiet, and a great way to engage in low-impact exercise.

However, you’d need to consider other options if you weigh close to 250 lbs because it appears that the maximum user weight advertised should be narrowed to 200 or 220 lbs.

MaXimus PRO Folding Rebounder

MaXimus PRO Folding Rebounder

  • Very resistant, with a maximum user weight of 310 pounds
  • Includes a DVD with workouts and ideas for your consideration
  • Includes resistance bands and sand weights to give you a variety of exercises
  • Features a safety handlebar you can adjust or remove if you prefer
  • Portable and lightweight, with a carry bag included in your purchase

If you’re moving around or would like to store a trampoline, the MaXimus PRO is a great option.

The trampoline is designed in a way that allows you to fold it to a ¼ of its size, this enables you to fit in a very small space, including a storage bag.

Its steel legs can be folded as well, making it incredibly versatile and portable.

What customers are saying

Most people who bought this trampoline say that it’s a solid unit that is extremely sturdy, and stable.

Many agree that the videos included are very helpful and make your workouts varied and fun. It is also very easy to put together, and the portable function is really useful.

Giantex Trampoline With Safety Enclosure Net

Giantex Trampoline With Safety Enclosure Net

  • U-shaped legs and a small ladder at one side
  • Safety nets attached to vertical tubes
  • A resistant steel frame with a 300-pound weight limit
  • Heavy-duty jumping mat with 60 springs

Jumping on a trampoline in your own backyard is a perfect way to exercise daily without expensive equipment or gym memberships.

The Giantex is a prime example of what a backyard trampoline should look like.

It has a very wide space and since it’s designed for the outdoors, it is very resistant, large, and includes a safety enclosure net and ladder.

It is kept together by 60 enhanced springs, and a secure safety mat to prevent injuries.

What customers are saying

Customers say that this trampoline is very easy to assemble.

Even after a year, people go back and leave a positive review saying how sturdy and resistant it is. They love that it is reliable and safe for both kids and adults.

However, some people have reported minor issues saying that the safety mat slides constantly and needs to be adjusted.

JumpSport Home Cardio Fitness Rebounder

JumpSport Home Cardio Fitness Rebounder

  • Impact reduction of up to 40%
  • Quiet bouncing on a 35.5” jumping surface
  • Sturdy black powder-coated steel frame
  • Resistant elastic cords tested to last for over one million bounces
  • Comes almost fully assembled

With a diameter of 35.5”, the JumpSport trampoline gives you enough space to jump or exercise without worrying. It is extremely safe, stable, heavy-duty, and resistant.

It has arched legs for added stability and tested elastic cords that will last for a lifetime. It is also smooth and quiet, allowing you to exercise indoors without bothering anyone.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews are fantastic, and most people are very happy with their purchase.

They say that the trampoline is very well-made, worth recommending to friends, and worth the money spent.

It is stable, easy to assemble, and remains sturdy as long as you stay within the recommended weight limit.

Fit Bounce Pro II Bungee Rebounder


The Fit bounce is perfect for anyone in the family and suits adults or kids of all ages.

It comes with an exercise DVD and an online stream of workouts which enables you to diversify your routine.

The Fit Bounce Pro II is connected through 60 elastic bands and each one stronger than other rebounders. That’s why the weight limit is no less than 330 pounds.

No assembly will be required on this trampoline, and it is easily foldable, with a lifetime warranty on the frame and a 3-year warranty on the mat.

What customers are saying

Happy customers say that this trampoline is very stable and sturdy, offering great value for money. They say it is well-made and does what was advertised.

The only problems reported were that it’s not completely silent, and it’s more difficult to fold than other models.

Awlstar Trampoline With Safety Enclosure Net

If you liked the outdoor Fit Bounce trampoline reviewed above, this is another interesting pick.

It’s designed for both kids and adults and features a safety enclosure net with a ladder. The space is very big, and the load capacity is 375 pounds.

The trampoline is very durable and safe, with a safety latch clip made of resistant safe play materials.

What customers are saying

Most people who bought this trampoline say that it is easy to put together and very resistant, perfect for years of use.

However, others report a bad experience with assembly, saying they were confused with some of the directions.

SONGMICS 15-Foot Trampoline With Basketball Hoop

This model is similar to the above, it has a solid steel structure, a ladder, a maximum weight capacity of 375 pounds, and a safety enclosure net.

It’s also extremely stable and safe for both kids and adults, plus it has a basketball hoop and a ground mat.

You get every tool you need for the assembly along with detailed instructions.

Customer reviews are overall positive with most people saying that they appreciate the safety measures added for kids. They also love that this model is very sturdy and resistant.

SereneLife Portable & Foldable Trampoline

The SereneLife portable trampoline is another great option if you like the idea of a safety handlebar.

The handlebar on this one is adjustable from 35 to 46 inches, which makes it not only appropriate for children and adults but also very safe.

The heavy-duty materials can hold up to 220 lbs without a problem, and the trampoline is very easy to put together with pictures and clear steps included in the package.

What customers are saying

According to customer reviews, sturdiness is one of this model’s top-rated features.

Most people say the trampoline is very easy to assemble, features a firm fabric, and is designed with reliable materials.

However, some people report a short lifetime of only 6 to 13 months.

Size & shape

The size is important if more than one user is going to jump at the same time.

Both size and shape will be significant if you’re practicing backflips or difficult tricks that may require an oval or rectangular instead of a regular round-shaped trampoline.

Weight limit

The recommended weight limit usually looks high, but keep in mind that kids may want to use it together, and you may want to join in as well.

This will increase the weight, so keep the weight requirements in mind before doing so.


Ask yourself a few questions. Do you prefer resistance bands instead of springs for security? Do you need a net enclosure for your kids?

Also, consider looking for a model with protective pads.


If you don’t have a lot of space in your backyard, portable trampolines are probably the best options for you.


This is another important safety measure, and it is sometimes adjustable according to your height. Consider handlebars especially in smaller models.

Can you lose weight by jumping on a trampoline?

Jumping for 30 minutes every day can have the same effect as a daily jogging session.

It makes you sweat and increases your heart rate. It is also enjoyable and you may even do more without realizing compared to any other form of exercise.

How many minutes a day should you rebound?

In general, a minimum of 30 minutes a day of moderate physical activity for 5 days a week is recommended.

This amount is usually enough rebounding time for better health and improved fitness.

Is rebounding safe for seniors?

Of course, it is. However, you should only perform exercises according to your capacity. Also, be sure to warm up before doing this type of exercise and stay safe at all times.

Should you wear shoes on a rebounder?

Most people have strong ankles and will have no problem going barefoot.

However, if you have foot problems and need stabilization to protect your ankles, you can use sneakers or shoes for that purpose.

Is trampolining bad for your pelvic floor?

The answer depends on the type of rebounding exercises you’re doing and your risk factors. A higher impact rebound may worsen bladder leakage problems.

It also may not be appropriate if you have risk factors such as pelvic floor tissue laxity or you’ve had a recent pelvic floor surgery.