ProForm Equipment Review: The Best Brand For Cardio Training?

ProForm Equipment Review: The Best Brand For Cardio Training?

ProForm Equipment Review: The Best Brand For Cardio Training?

ProForm Equipment Review: The Best Brand For Cardio Training?

If you’ve been researching quality cardio machine brands, you must at least consider ProForm is a worthy choice.

They’ve become a giant brand in home gym equipment because they deliver exactly what most people want.

And this is a high quality, stylish machines, that works perfectly.

But still, they’re not the only competitor out there who create quality machines. I’ll name a few later on…

So below you’ll find my personal opinion of the ProForm brand, some background of the company, and what customers are saying.

ProForm is a branch company owned by ICON Health and Fitness.

Their equipment has some interesting features, but they aren’t excessively fancy or big, which makes them appealing to people looking for a home.

Most of their machines offer an interactive fitness experience with bluetooth compatibility and speakers. Some also have HD touch screens.

The majority of them can also be synced with iFit coaching, which is a great feature ProForm offers if you’re willing to pay a membership.

Here’s my list of their most popular machines.

Treadmills by ProForm have different ranges and features.

It’s uncommon to see one of these without bluetooth compatibility, but they all differ from each other regarding add-ons and extra features.

ProForm treadmills are sold within the price range of $999 up to $2,999, and if you’re lucky, you may come across a 50% discount on some models.

ProForm 2000 Treadmill

This 2000 treadmill is ProForm’s entry-level model, and it is perfect for anyone who wants great quality while still on a budget.

The treadmill is remarkably resistant, has a maximum user weight of 300 pounds, and comes with a lifetime frame and motor warranty.

Despite being an entry-level model, it offers up to 12 MPH of speed, an incline control of up to 15% incline and 3% decline.

All of this can be set up on its 7” backlit display, where you can also monitor your heart rate, distance, time, and other stats.

What customers are saying

Most customers love this treadmill, especially because it includes the iFit experience and offers great technology for its price.

However, there are also some critical reviews from people who have had an unsatisfactory experience with ProForm’s customer support team.

ProForm PRO-9000 Treadmill

If you want a treadmill that is one step ahead of the 2000 model in features, consider the PRO-9000 version.

Similar to the 2000 model, it offers a speed of up to 12 MPH, 15% of incline, and 3% of decline settings.

However, the motor is more potent on this one and you get 40 onboard workouts to try instead of 32.

Additionally, the PRO-9000 has a 10” touchscreen that displays your heart rate and other stats. It also allows you to stream your favorite coaching videos by iFit.

This model is also foldable and will help you save space at home when it’s not in use.

What customers are saying

Happy customers enjoy the interactivity, and digital experience offered by this treadmill.

They consider it is very easy to install and very motivating.

However, just like with the previous model, some people who bought this one have reported bad experiences with customer service.

Note that this treadmill does not have Bluetooth compatibility, so the screen can only stream your iFit videos and display the onboard workouts.

ProForm manufactures 3 types of bikes. Classic upright bikes, indoor cycle trainers, and recumbent bikes.

Similar to other ProForm products, most of them are compatible with iFit and offer engaging built-in programs to enrich your experience.

You also get foldable models and a wide range of prices to choose from.

ProForm 400 SPX Exercise Bike

This is a standard exercise bike and does not include all the bells and whistles. However, it is absolutely perfect for those who don’t need any fancy features.

The ProForm 400 is an upright bike that you can easily adjust according to your body type.

It has a small LCD display to track your exercise, and a manual resistance system you can adjust with the turn of a knob.

You get different gripping positions on the handlebars and the pedals have straps for your security. Additional features include a water bottle holder and a pair of transportation wheels.

This bike has a maximum user weight of 250 pounds, a 5-year frame warranty, and a 90-day part warranty.

ProForm X-Bike Duo Exercise Bike

This two-in-one exercise bike is perfect if you’re looking for the best of both worlds.

It offers an upright mode and a recumbent mode that you can convert easily by adjusting the inclination of the frame.

The X-Bike Duo is also easily foldable and folds into an almost-flat mode that does not take much space. Weight capacity is up to 250 pounds and it has a 5-year frame warranty.

Other interesting features on this model include pedals with straps, a small LCD display that lets you track your activity and access 14 workout apps, plus compatibility with the iFit system.

What customers are saying

The customer reviews for this model are favorable. The assembly is easy and Bluetooth compatibility works great with mobiles.

However, some customers have complained that it’s not as silent as expected and some have had customer service issues.

ProForm 440 ES Exercise Bike

This recumbent bike from ProForm is ideal for people with back pain issues because it has large lumbar support and the pedals are positioned at the front.

The console is fully adjustable and has a backlit display where you can choose one of the 32 preset workouts or adjust the digital resistance between 1 and 25.

It has a lifetime warranty on the frame and a 2-year part warranty. The weight capacity on this model is up to 350 pounds.

Additional features include a cool air fan, an integrated media shelf with a USB charging station, and full compatibility with the iFit coaching system.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews are somewhat mixed, but many customers say it’s good value for the money.

One of the main problems with this model is the assembly time, which can be tiring for some.

The seat angle is not adjustable, and although iFit is great, some customers don’t want a membership.

Still, this bike is extremely sturdy and does what it’s meant to with no problem.

HIIT trainer machines are an interesting blend of a step master and your typical elliptical machine.

They’re designed especially for high-intensity interval training and burn more calories than the typical treadmill.

These trainers by ProForm are compact, resistant, and offer total-body training.

Here are two models we chose for your consideration:

ProForm Cardio HIIT Trainer

This is an impressive machine that unites the elliptical and stepper movements in a unique type of stride.

It has big pedals and multi-grip handlebars to accommodate what you’re more comfortable with.

The handles move along with your steps to offer not only a lower body but also an upper body workout. It’s powered by magnetic resistance, and you can choose between 24 levels on the console.

This model does not have a screen to stream iFit videos, but it offers full compatibility with the system and a tablet holder you can use while working out.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews are overall favorable because it is stable, quiet, and makes you feel the burn after a short time.

It has a Bluetooth feature that’s only meant to sync with heart rate monitors, and similar to reviews from other models, customer service is a concern.

ProForm Cardio HIIT Trainer Pro

This HIIT trainer is an upgrade from the last model and has similar features with a little extra.

It has an integrated 10” touchscreen that’s compatible with the iFit coaching system.

If you don’t like iFit, you can choose one of their 34 workout apps or stream videos on your tablet and place it in the tablet holder.

This model includes a chest strap to monitor your heart rate via Bluetooth, as well as 26 resistance levels. It’s also almost silent and has integrated speakers you can use with an auxiliary port.

What customers are saying

The Cardio HIIT Trainer Pro is solid and very good at what it does. According to customer reviews, it’s probably one of the best choices for HIIT training.

It provides great value for the price and offers an engaging workout. However, some users consider the iFit announcements a little pushy and troublesome.

ProForm rowers are excellent machines for cardio. They are also great for building a strong back and arms.

The machine allows you to mimic the movements you’d make while rowing outdoors without having to get wet or change your clothes.

These rowers are simple and ergonomic. They come in a variety of prices with different workout options for each.

Let’s review two of the best rowers from ProForm:

ProForm 550R Rower

This resistant and silent rower is one of the best from ProForm. It is simple to use, not too bulky, and very affordable.

It has a small LCD monitor that shows your distance, calories burned, time, total strokes, and strokes per minute. It’s also compact and easy to maneuver.

It works with adjustable air resistance, and you can adjust your workout intensity by only sliding a lever.

This machine is also foldable in one step, making it easy to save space at home when it’s not in use.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews are mostly positive, and happy clients say that it is a sturdy and quiet machine that offers a great value for the price.

The assembly is easy, but what may be a little challenging is moving the machine around after folding it because it is considerably heavy.

ProForm 440R Rower

This model is a downgrade from 550R Rower, but it’s still an excellent option since it has most of the functions mentioned above.

It’s foldable and has a space-saving design plus has adjustable foot straps and an ergonomic handle that can be used for standard rowing exercises or performing upright rows.

The assembly seems daunting at first because there are many parts, but it’s not as hard as it looks and the end result is a great machine for cardio.

What customers are saying

According to customer reviews, the resistance settings of this machine are not challenging at all, at least for weightlifters.

Therefore, it’s designed more for cardio than muscle building. There are mostly satisfied customers, but some complained about the quality of the parts and customer support.

Ellipticals are the ultimate cardio machine, a very popular way to complete your daily routine.

ProForm Ellipticals fall into 4 series. The endurance series, the Pro Series, the CSE Series, and the Hybrid Series.

Endurance ellipticals are excellent for home use because they have resistance at the front and don’t take a lot of space.

Hybrid models are great for home gyms as well because they aren’t pricey and are part elliptical, part recumbent bike.

Let’s review two endurance models and one hybrid model:

ProForm Endurance 520 E Elliptical

This model is a great elliptical for home use. It has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds and a lifetime frame warranty that assures the quality of the materials.

The 520 E has a motorized engine, offers 18 levels of digital resistance, and 0 to 20 degrees of incline capacity.

This allows you to target different muscles at different intensity levels.

It comes with a 5” backlit display where you can track your fitness activity, and a tablet holder where you can place your iPad or any other device that streams iFit videos.

What customers are saying

Customers say the machine is well built and excellent in almost every aspect. It is a low-cost machine, but it isn’t fragile, and its design and functionality are great for the price.

Some people reported an initial noise that goes away after using it for a while, and others are annoyed by the iFit subscription that appears to be mandatory to activate the machine.

It’s not mandatory, you’ll just need to hold the sync button for 20 seconds to activate the machine without an iFit subscription.

ProForm Endurance 920 E Elliptical

This model has the basic functions of the previous model, but with a few additional features that might interest you.

Its weight capacity is 325 pounds, and it comes with a lifetime warranty for the frame and 3-year part warranty.

You get 32 workout apps and compatibility with the iFit coaching experience, which you can easily stream on the 7-inch touchscreen display.

It also has an incline setting you can adjust from 0 to 20 degrees to train your lower body muscles, and upper body handles to engage your arms, shoulders, core, and back.

What customers are saying

Satisfied customers say this model is a wonderful product with only a few flaws.

It is sold at a great price, has enough resistance for the average user, and offers an amazing digital experience.

However, the iFit subscription is always annoying for those who do not want to pay a membership, and some people have reported a slight wobbling sensation.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer

One of the most interesting features of this hybrid model is that you can use it as a regular elliptical or as a recumbent bike.

The Hybrid Trainer is a two-in-one machine with a 350-pound maximum user weight capacity and a 5-year frame warranty.

Similar to other products by ProForm, this hybrid trainer is also iFit coach ready, but you will have to stream the service on a separate device and place it on the media shelf.

Despite not being able to access iFit on its LCD display, you can choose one of 16 resistance levels on it and track your heart rate, calories, distance, and more.

What customers are saying

The affordable price for a double function model is something most satisfied customers love about this product.

It’s made with durable materials and the assembly instructions are easy to follow. Noise from the flywheel is minimal, and there aren’t many reports of a defective machine.

However, keep in mind that the motor warranty only lasts 90 days, and some customers report screeching noises after a couple of weeks.

If you’re not yet sure about ProForm, why not take a look at alternative brands?

Here’s a list of companies that manufacture incredibly high-quality cardio machines, just like ProForm:


Bowflex is a leading brand in gym technology, and their machines are usually not bulky because they’re designed for home use.

The company has been around for decades and has some patented technologies that you don’t want to miss.


This brand is primarily devoted to cardio machines and will give you a similar experience to that of ProForm because it’s actually owned by the same company.

They also have compatibility with the iFit coaching system and offer a similar experience for a reasonable price.


This famous brand has been in circulation for over 40 years, and they commercialize Bowflex products, too, as well as other brands.

They use great technology and have equipment for home gyms and commercial gyms. It all depends on what you’re looking for.

Sunny Health & Fitness

If you’re on a budget but don’t want to buy something that feels cheap, Sunny Health & Fitness can help you get there.

They build affordable machines that aren’t necessarily fancy but are simple, resistant, and fully functional for your cardio needs.

ProForm is a solid brand with a very wide range of prices.

It offers some models with a simple approach and some with a fully digital experience if you’re into touchscreen displays and interesting new functions.

If you’re willing to try iFit, this brand will provide hours of engaging exercises, but if you’re not, you can still use its other functions and activate your machine without a subscription.

Most critical reviews complain about the quality of customer service, which is very annoying if you happen to be one of those clients with a defective machine.

It is not likely to be your case, but it is something to keep in mind before buying.