Best Office Chairs For Small Spaces

Best Office Chairs For Small Spaces

Best Office Chairs For Small Spaces

Best Office Chairs For Small Spaces

It’s a common issue, but surprisingly not many people talk about.

Either working from home or a small office, many of us need an office chair that’s suitable for small spaces.

While these chairs should be compact, they still should be both ergonomic and comfortable.

In this guide, I’ll list some excellent quality office chairs that are perfect for small rooms.

Steelcase Gesture Chair

Steelcase Gesture Chair

  • Lots of adjustable features
  • Air-pocket cushion
  • Arms rotate to 360º
  • Carpet wheels

The Steelcase Gesture chair has drawn a lot of attention from buyers, mostly because of its price. So let’s see what the hype is about and if it’s worth its the price.

The first thing that most people love about this chair is the moving arms that revolve 360º. They aren’t easy to move either, which is good since you’ll need support to get up and sit down.

Another great thing about the Steelcase Gesture is the flexible backrest that follows your movements as you shift in your seat.

This is most beneficial for people with painful backs that suffer from sitting in a fixed position for long hours.


The seat is adjustable for both height and depth, making it perfect for people of all heights. Since this is a task chair, the seat is slightly bent forward.

While this feature is beneficial for those who are active and keeps your spine aligned while you work, most people hate it because it makes them feel like they’ll slide out of the chair.

It is a different story when you recline though, the Gesture can lean 135º and locks in 4 different places. The wheels perform great and it’s easy to roll the Gesture over carpets.

If you have a flat floor you might feel it rolls too easily. With regards to assembly, you won’t have to do anything, as the chair arrives fully assembled.

Overall, we have to say we were impressed by this chair. It’s not perfect, but it gets pretty close.


  • Flexible arms and back
  • Plenty of adjustable features
  • 12 year warranty


  • Pricey

SIDIZ T80 Highly Adjustable Office Chair

SIDIZ T80 Highly Adjustable Office Chair

  • Fully adjustable
  • Memory foam padding
  • 3 year warranty

If you’re looking for a truly ergonomic chair that’s designed to fit your body like a glove, we suggest checking out the Sidiz T80. It was made in Germany, after 6 years of research and development.

Design-wise it is definitely an attractive chair with a mesh backrest that keeps your body cool. The shape of the backrest follows the back as closely as possible.

This chair comes with an adjustable headrest and lumbar support. The seat is adjustable for height with 4’’ of wiggle room, plus it slides and slopes forward by 2.83’’.

It’s also padded with memory foam and an elastic sponge, making it very comfortable. The arms are adjustable for height, width, and depth enabling you to truly make this chair your own.

What customers are saying

Some people would love to see wider arms on this chair, which is the only real complaint reported. Assembly on this chair is easy and should take 10 minutes to put together.

Overall, most people that got this chair absolutely love it. It comes at a fair price, it is comfortable to sit in, and it will last you a very long time.


  • Every part of the chair is adjustable
  • Comfy seat
  • Easy assembly


  • Arms are on the small side

Serta 44942 Executive Office Chair

Serta 44942 Executive Office Chair

  • Lots of cushion
  • Height adjustable seat
  • 10 year warranty

If you’re looking for the most comfortable executive chair on the market, we’re pretty convinced that this is the one.

It’s made by people that design mattresses and they’ve integrated that technology into this model.

Sitting on this chair is quite a cushy experience and the best thing is that the cushions last long.

We know people that bought this chair several years ago and the cushion still feels new. With regards to adjustable features, there’s not much to work with.


The seat can adjust for height from 19’’ to 21’’ off the floor, you can recline in it, and the wheels perform well. The Serta chair also comes with some limitations that need to be addressed.

To fit this chair under a desk you’ll need at least a 24’’ clearance. This is the minimum height from the floor to the top of the arms.

Also, the backrest is 26’’ long, so if you’re taller than 5’11’’ your head will stick above it. This model is not as big as it looks so keep that in mind.

Assembly is medium-hard, as you’ll have plenty of pieces to deal with. Our recommendation is to get a longer Allen wrench for the arms. Overall, people that got this chair love its comfort warranty.


  • Extremely comfortable to sit in
  • Durable
  • Recline function


  • Can’t fit under standard sized desks

Nouhaus Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair

Nouhaus Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair

  • Lots of adjustable features
  • Dynamic lumbar support
  • Roller-blade casters
  • 5 year warranty

If you’re stuck in front of the computer for 8-10 hours a day you probably need an extremely comfortable chair to keep you going.

The Nouhaus Ergo3D model seems to have a lot of potential, as it was designed specifically for people that work long hours. At first glance, you’ll notice that the entire chair is covered in mesh.

This is a quality elastic mesh that will keep your body cool. Once you sit down, you’ll quickly notice the dynamic lumbar support that reacts to your movement.

The “Ergo 3D” title actually refers to the lumbar support because whatever your sitting stance, you’ll always have its elastic support hugging your lumbar area.


We really liked the adjustable headrest that can be moved up, down, or at an angle. We know that headrest is rarely used while working, but it’s a good thing to have options when you wish to relax.

Also, the backrest reclines to an angle of 135º, making this model a good lounging chair. The arms are adjustable in the 4D space, but most people are not too crazy about them.

The arms tend to move a bit on their own, so people usually end up removing them completely. You can also choose to do that without sacrificing the integrity of the chair.

The seat is adjustable for height from 18.5” to 22.4’’ off the ground. It is 19.7’’ wide on the outside but the actual seating area is 16’’, which will be good for thin people.

If you weigh more than 160 lbs the edges of the seat might place pressure on your thighs. Included in the package are 2 sets of wheels, office chair casters, and blade casters for some extra height.


  • Comfortable for long hours
  • Mesh keeps your body cool
  • Great lumbar support


  • Narrow seat

Hbada Office Chair With Flip-Up Arms

Hbada Office Chair With Flip-Up Arms

  • Adjustable features
  • Flip up arms
  • Won’t break the bank

While Hbada is not a well-known brand in the US, it certainly deserves a spot on our list based on its number of happy customers. This is a budget friendly model with some high-end features.

The feature we personally liked the most is its flip up arms. Most high end models tend to have adjustable arms, but they can’t be flipped.

This way you won’t have to worry about fitting your chair under the desk. Plus you have the option to sit cross legged in your chair if you’re into that.


Another great feature is the adjustable lumbar support. We have seen so many overpriced models that either do not have lumbar support or if they do, it can’t be adjusted at all.

You can also rock in this chair as much as you wish to, it’s as simple as pulling a lever. On the downside, we truly believe that the manufacturer needs to invest in a proper seat cushion.

The one they have right now is okay, but it won’t hold up 8 hours a day. If you really like the looks of this chair go for it, but you might want to get a seat cushion as well.


  • Budget friendly price
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • The chair rocks


  • Thin seat cushion

Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair

The Ticova ergonomic chair looks a lot like the Nouhaus Ergo3D. They are not identical though, so let’s explore their similarities and differences.

Both chairs have dynamic lumbar support that follows your movements. The headrest is adjustable for height and angle in both cases and the backrest reclines to 145º.

The biggest difference is the quality of the mesh upholstery and the comfort of the seat. Judging by customer experiences this one has an inferior quality mesh, but its seat is contoured and comfier.

If durability is the deciding factor for you, we would definitely say that Nouhaus is the winner since it comes with a 5 year warranty, compared to Ticova’s 1 year warranty.

Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair

While this chair might not look like much and certainly won’t draw your attention, it is one of the most comfortable chairs on the market.

However, with regards to adjustability, it’s a pretty standard chair. The backrest reclines to 120º, the headrest can be adjusted for height or angle, and the arms can move up or down.

What really sets this chair apart is the comfort of the seat. It is padded with a high-resilience molded foam that provides both comfort and support.

The seat is also paired with proper lumbar support that can be adjusted for height and depth, providing a superb sitting experience every time. The manufacturer offers a 5 year warranty.

SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair

The Sidiz T50 was the predecessor of the Sidiz T80 on our list. These two chairs are basically the same with some minor differences.

First of all, the T50 is an older model which means its price is lower, but this doesn’t make it worse in terms of comfort and durability.

Both chairs also have the same adjustability options (headrest, arms, and depth of seat), but if you used both for a week you’d notice that every function goes a bit more smoothly with the T80 model.

The major difference between these two models is the advanced tilting mechanism on the T80 model that provides better overall support of your back.

Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

If you’re looking for a decent chair at a reasonable price, check out the Gabrylly mesh model. The seat on this chair is larger than other models in this price range and will fully support your behind.

You can adjust the seat for height from 20’’ to 24’’ off the ground. The lumbar support is not as pronounced as some high end models, but some people prefer that.

The headrest is adjustable and will be fine for people that are 5’5’’ to 6’ tall. The description states 6’2’’ tall but some customers reported otherwise and we believe them.

The maximum length you get from the seat to the top of the headrest is 30.5’’. The flip up arms are a great space saving option, and they perform well.

Assembly is easy and it should take around 5 minutes to set it up. Also, it’s worth mentioning that this company has outstanding customer service.

Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Chair

We weren’t quite sure what to think of this chair since it got such mixed reviews from people that have used it. Overall this seems like a decent chair that comes with lots of adjustable features.

There are 3 levers found under the seat. One adjusts the height of the chair, the other is to recline, and the third to tilt the seat.  The seat cushion is supposed to be 6’’ thick, but some received 3’’.

It seems that half of the people got the proper chair while others got a dud. So you might get a fully functional and supportive chair within a reasonable budget, or you might get a defective model.

The biggest issue happens when trying to communicate with Modway. They have very poor post sales support that will only cause further frustration.

If you really want to get this model, our recommendation is to watch the 30 day return window closely. Then again you might be one of the lucky 50% of people that were incredibly impressed.