The Best Ceiling Fans For Your Office

The Best Ceiling Fans For Your Office

The Best Ceiling Fans For Your Office

The Best Ceiling Fans For Your Office

If you’re looking to furnish your office with a few fans, there’s a few things to consider before buying.

Ceiling height, room space, design, and number of fan blades are just a few things to keep in mind.

In this guide, I’ll take you through everything you need to know before making a purchase.

I’ll also recommend some of the best ceiling fans on the market that will keep you and your office workers cool.

Honeywell Rustic Ceiling Fan

Honeywell Rustic Ceiling Fan

  • Includes three LED clear-glass globes
  • Various mounting compatibilities
  • Remote control to regulate 3-speed settings
  • Globe lifespan: 25000 hours
  • Globes can be dimmed from 100% down to 20%
  • 450 Lumens
  • Easy installation
  • Reversible for both cooling and heating options
  • Limited lifetime warranty included
  • Energy-efficient

The Honeywell Rustic Ceiling Fan will illuminate any space it’s in. It’s also the perfect fixture for cooling the room during summer or heating the space during winter.

It has a steel mesh drum that holds three dimmable LED globes making it perfect for industrial use in medium to large-sized rooms.

The fan has various mounting options, including standard, flush-mount, or sloped. You have access to three speed-settings and setup is a walk in the park with its smart sync feature.

If you prefer an immutable, high-quality ceiling fan that offers superior airflow in your home or office, this fan is exactly what you need.

What customers are saying

This fan received excellent reviews with many people saying the installation was easy.  Most of them loved that it operates quietly, looks sleek, and provides great value.

However, some customers had an issue with the installation, saying it was tricky due to missing details in the instructions.

JLPAN Ceiling Fan With Light (3-Color Lighting Modes

JLPAN Ceiling Fan With Light (3-Color Lighting Modes

  • Drum ceiling fan with case enclosed LED light
  • Remote control with three light settings and 3-speed settings
  • Timer feature included
  • 3-gear wind speed
  • Can be easily removed and cleaned

The JLPAN ceiling fan is an ideal choice for people who live in houses with low ceilings or kids’ rooms with bunk beds.

The safety design prevents your children from accidentally being struck with a fan blade while climbing on their beds.

The fan has a state-of-the-art design with a timer feature that is incredibly convenient if you are looking to save on utility bills.

A remote is included with three light tones and three fan speed modes. This is a convenient option since you can change the settings without having to get up.

The fan can also be easily removed if you need to clean it. All in all, it is perfect if you need a high-quality ceiling fan with lights.

What customers are saying

Most people who bought this fan say that they love the unique design, the easy installation, the fact that it is blade-protected, and that it runs quietly.

They were also satisfied with its effectiveness and ability to move air.

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No products found.

If you are on the hunt for a ceiling fan that is a little less decorative but has a sleek, clean, and industrial appearance, the Emerson ceiling fan is perfect for you.

It is specially designed for large industrial spaces with airfoil blades that offer superior comfort, particularly in buildings with high ceilings.

The fan is perfect if you are looking to enhance your interior and need a fan that is both robust and energy-efficient.

What customers are saying

This fan received raving reviews with many customers especially happy with its design, quality, functionality, and capability of moving a large volume of air.

Most people specifically mentioned that it is perfect for places with high ceilings.

The main issues customers had were the noise the motor makes when it’s operating and the product description stating the blades are made from steel when it’s actually plastic.

Energy Efficient 52 Inch LED Ceiling Fan

Energy Efficient 52 Inch LED Ceiling Fan

  • Energy-efficient ceiling fan with LED light entombed in a stylish white finish
  • Perfect for larger rooms or open porches
  • Two installation options: flush-mounted or standard
  • The fan has a 3-speed reversible motor
  • Five hand-painted blades
  • Superior airflow with 5509CFM’s on top speed

We love this stunning fan with its white glass light fixture and nutmeg espresso-colored blades. This model is an ideal option for larger rooms or open porches.

Three stand-out features that we find incredibly useful are its powerful airflow, energy efficiency, and reversible motor which moves hot air in winter or cool air in summer.

What customers are saying

The majority of people who bought this fan love its superior craftsmanship, bright lighting, easy installation, and quiet operation.

They all say this fan is a worthy investment and they are super happy with their purchase.

Some issues customers were complaining about are in regards to poor airflow, non-adequate lighting, and installation or wiring issues.

Minka-Aire 3-Blade Ceiling Fan

Minka-Aire 3-Blade Ceiling Fan

  • Modern oil-rubbed bronze veneer ceiling fan
  • Reversible 3-Speed motor
  • Wall-controlled
  • UL Safety rating
  • No globes included

We love the overall appearance and style of this Rudolph collection from Minka-air. It has the perfect blend of construction, comfort, and functionality.

This fan was initially designed for use in the bedroom or kitchen, but it would look just as good in your office, living room, or family room.

A clear advantage of buying this fan is that you can customize its look, whether you prefer a more standard feel or you want to install a ceiling fan in a more luxurious room.

What customers are saying

Customers love this fan and are most satisfied with its modern look, functionality, air movement, and quiet operation.

The only issue some of them had was in regard to its control switch.

Honeywell Kaliza Modern Ceiling Fan

Honeywell Kaliza Modern Ceiling Fan

  • Modern, large ceiling fan with integrated LED board
  • Remote included with three-speed adjustments
  • 3-Speed reversible motor
  • Various dual-finish blade choices
  • 1400 Lumens
  • Dimmable light of 20 percent to 100 percent
  • Color temperature light feature

The Honeywell Kaliza Modern Ceiling Fan has everything you need in a ceiling fan. This model was clearly designed for the benefit of the user.

A standout feature on this one is the fully integrated LED board which enables you to control the lighting. This fan also has a reversible motor with cooling and heating functions.

If you want a stylish and modern ceiling fan with advanced features, exceptional airflow, and quiet operation, then this fan ticks all the boxes.

What customers are saying

The Honeywell Kaliza received a lot of five-star ratings with customers mostly commenting on its quality materials, quiet operation, easy installation, lighting aspects, and modern look.

However some people who got it said the remote control didn’t work, some said it’s a 52-inch fan instead of 56-inches as advertised, and others said the motor makes a humming sound.

Hunter Indoor Dempsey Ceiling Fan With Light

This state-of-the-art ceiling fan has a sleek white finish and a white glass encased LED light.

It is an ideal fan option for your indoor space. The height of the fan is adjustable, it has a multiple speed fan motor (reversible), and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

The manufacturer has been in business for 126 years and is well-known for creating wobble-free, quiet operational, and long-lasting ceiling fans.

Harbor Breeze Mazon Indoor Ceiling Fan

We love the attractive appearance of the harbor breeze Mazon ceiling fan. It has a distinct finish of brushed nickel and an opal glass light bowl.

The stand-out features of this ceiling fan are that it is energy efficient and has optimal airflow capabilities (2069 CFM).

This fan is an ideal solution for small rooms and there is a handheld remote control included.

Westinghouse Comet Indoor Ceiling Fan

The Westinghouse Comet 52-inch ceiling fan with its dimmable LED frosted glass light feature is perfect for you if you have a large room.

The fan comes with powerful airflow capabilities (3589 CFM), the motor comes with a lifetime warranty and there’s a two-year warranty on all its parts.

The fan has an eye-catching brushed pewter finish with stunning white and light maple blades.

Hunter Fan Company Low Profile Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan is the epitome of style with a new bronze finish and beautiful long-lasting globes to illuminate your indoor space.

The LED lights are dimmable and energy-efficient and the fan is equipped with a reversible variable-speed fan motor to offer a cool breeze during summer or warm air during winter.

The speed setting can be adjusted with its pull chain control. All in all, this fan is the perfect fixture for living rooms, children’s rooms, lounges, and bedrooms.

It is also perfectly suitable for low ceiling areas.


Honeywell has been in existence for over a century and is continuously working on manufacturing innovative products that withstand the test of time.

The brand has various community support programs, believes in diversity, and is implementing incredibly high standards concerning compliance and integrity.

Honeywell has an extensive range of ceiling fans which include the best fans for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Whether you need small fans, tropical fans, palm-leaf fans, rustic fans, or fans for large rooms, you’ll find it at Honeywell.


Westinghouse is one of the leading electrical manufacturers in America.

The company was founded by George Westinghouse in 1886 and has been a substantial supplier in electrical products and machinery.

They’ve gone from stride to stride after manufacturing alternating current electrical systems and nuclear reactors during World War II.

Westinghouse has a broad selection of ceiling fans available for both indoor and outdoor use. You have an abundant choice between various styles and materials.

Hunter Fan Company

John Hunter invented his initial ceiling fan in 1886, more than a century ago, and has since made it his life’s mission to make every space an improved place to live in.

He is well respected for his design aspirations and for using state-of-the-art technology.

His company is always on the hunt for fresh ideas to transform ceiling fans into your latest centerpiece. They stock a wide selection of ceiling fans, suitable for every mood and lighting.

Their product line includes portable fans, ceiling fans, and exhaust fans.

Harbor Breeze

The Harbor Breeze range of ceiling fans is actually the brand of the Lowes store. The fans are produced by an agency named Litex Industries, a highly respected fan manufacturer.

They are known for delivering superior-quality ceiling fans along with private-label light fixtures to wholesalers, contractors, and home centers.

Their distribution facilities are high-tech, and they take quality control seriously. They have more than a hundred different ceiling fans in their collection.

Their ceiling fans are sold at various prices from cost-effective models to high-end ones.

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Office size

The size of the room you want to install the ceiling fan in is one of the first things to think about.

The size of the ceiling fan will be dictated by the room’s square footage. If your purchased fan is insufficient in size or way too big, then the airflow will not be desirable.


Your ceiling fan must be more than a functional appliance, it must also be a stunning centerpiece in your room.

The right ceiling fan can make a significant difference in enhancing the feel of the space while blending in with the current décor style.

Hanging height

To adhere to building codes, your ceiling fan’s lower part must be at least seven feet from the floor, and 8-9 feet will provide exceptional airflow.

For buildings with high ceilings, opting for ceiling fans that have downrods will achieve the desired height.

More space between the blades and the ceiling will result in more advanced air circulation and movement.

  • Low ceilings (of eight feet or less) – choose flush mount ceiling fans
  • High or average ceilings – if the ceilings are 9 feet or higher, ceiling fans with downrods are the best option

Control features

There are typically three methods for operating a ceiling fan:

  • Pull chain
  • Wall control
  • Handheld remote control

In some instances, you’ll be able to choose a ceiling fan with both a wall switch and remote control which is wall mountable.

Motor size & blades

DC motors increase the upfront cost and are higher than standard ceiling fans because they require a pricier electronic speed controller.

The benefits are completely worth it though and include:

  • Quiet operation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Smaller motors, therefore lighter fans.
  • Faster start-up speed
  • Six possible speeds

The number of blades used to be an essential factor to consider, but nowadays, it is more a decision of personal choice and functionality thanks to progressions in technology.

Now, you’ll need to compare the blade pitch and motor size on every model. The fan motor is an essential part of the fan; therefore, you need to get one with a top-quality motor.


Airflow refers to the volume of air that is delivered by the ceiling fan, and this is usually depicted as the CFM (cubic feet per minute) rating.

The CFM is measured when the fan is at its top speed and that figure is then divided by wattage usage.  The higher your CFM rating, the better the airflow of the fan.