Nautilus Home Cardio Equipment Review

Nautilus Home Cardio Equipment Review

Nautilus Home Cardio Equipment Review

Nautilus Home Cardio Equipment Review

If you’ve been searching for excellent cardio equipment, you probably already seen some Nautilus products.

They’re one of the leading brands for home gym equipment, somewhere between the medium and high range of the price scale.

One thing I like about them, they only make cardio equipment, unlike some other big brands.

They’re best compared to brands such as NordicTrack, Bowflex, and Marcy.

Here is my honest opinion of their most popular cardio products available online.

Nautilus is one of the most celebrated brands in the United States, owing to its 40 years of experience in manufacturing and distributing high-quality machines for commercial gyms and home gyms.

From their headquarters in Vancouver, Nautilus commercializes other high-quality gym machines from great brands such as Bowflex and Schwinn.

They are always evolving and making use of the latest technology to turn exercising into a truly exciting and stimulating process with many health benefits.

But we’re here for gym machines, right? So, let’s get a quick view of what we consider the most relevant for each line.

Nautilus treadmills have a reputation of being noise friendly, stable, that have a durable motor and an extended warranty compared to other brands.

Some of them are a bit pricey, but they offer high-end treadmills with the type of quality you won’t find everywhere.

If you want to make a great investment in high-quality home cardio machines, this is a good place to start.

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With a maximum user weight of 300 pounds, this treadmill model is one of the most stable and durable Nautilus has to offer.

It can be synced via Bluetooth with the Nautilus Trainer 2 App and other tracking apps that monitor your exercise and goals.

Another interesting feature it has is the RunSocial App, which allows you to run alongside other people in real-time with up to 27 routes to choose from.

Even without the app, you get 26 preset programs, a 0-15% incline setting, and a very large running belt of 20×60 inches.

What customers are saying

Most customers say this somewhere between a very good or excellent product as it fulfills the basic functions you would want from a treadmill.

Another great thing in its favor is the 15-year warranty on the frame and a 5-year warranty on the motor & electronic parts.

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This is an upgrade from the Nautilus T616 model and maintains the great features above while adding a few others.

They increased the maximum user weight to 350 pounds in this model, which makes it more stable and durable for heavy users.

It also has a Rebound deck cushioning to reduce stress on your joints, which protects you even further compared to the StrikeZone deck cushioning from the previous model.

What customers are saying

According to reviews, the Nautilus T618 is quieter compared to the previous model, which is great if you don’t want to disturb anyone at home.

However, the backlight of the LCD display according to reviews is a little too shiny in the dark.

It is very easy to assemble, even though the machine is really heavy, and the connectivity to your mobile and other Bluetooth devices is absolutely seamless.

These bikes by Nautilus are an excellent pick if you’re looking for a bit more than the basics.

They do have the basic functions of an upright bike but also include high-tech features and comfort for a very affordable price.

Other bikes compete for the price range, but very few have the extended warranty Nautilus has to offer.

Nautilus U614 Exclusive Upright Bike Series

This is probably the most basic and inexpensive model of an upright bike you can find from Nautilus, but if you look through you’ll realize there’s not a huge difference.

It has 22 preset workout programs, an LCD display to track your exercise through a built-in goal tracker software, heart rate sensors located on the handles, and 20 resistance levels to choose from.

This is pretty much everything you need on an upright bike to complete your exercise.

What customers are saying

According to reviews,  it takes around one hour to assemble and it is not extremely heavy.

It’s a quiet machine and has different preset workouts with the capacity to track goals and progress from different users.

The downside is that the USB charging port has very low power and you need to keep the heart rate sensors clean if you want an accurate reading.

Some people have had problems with the software and other parts, but the 10-year frame and 1-year electronics warranty covers that and much more.

Nautilus U616 Upright Bike Series

This is the first upgrade Nautilus gave to the U614 model, where they added some interesting features and Bluetooth connectivity to the upright bike cardio experience.

With this model, you can track your progress with your favorite app and access the Explore the World app where you can give a digital twist to your indoor cycling.

It has 29 preset workout programs, and the LCD display is clearly visible at night due to the blacklight.

Instead of 20, you get 25 resistance levels in the U616, which makes this model more appropriate for intermediate and advanced users.

What customers are saying

Most customers are very satisfied with the U616 model, and one of the features they love is how quiet it is and the levels of resistance it has for experienced users.

It does have a few downsides, especially for very tall people, because the maximum seat height is very limited.

So, if you’re higher than 6’2’’, this model might not be recommended for you.

Nautilus U618 Upright Bike Series

The U618 is the last upgrade from Nautilus on upright bike series. On this model they’ve improved several functions, and made it more comfortable for users.

It still has 29 preset workout programs and 25 resistance levels to choose from. But this time you can actually adjust the sightline of the console to make it more comfortable and visible.

The handlebars are also more ergonomic and the overall feel is smoother due to a heavier flywheel this unit has.

What customers are saying

The customers who purchased this model find it very comfortable, even tall and large people say they have enough space.

They also say that this machine is very well-designed and easy to assemble.

Some customers did report that the heart rate sensors are not very accurate, and a few have had problems with the flywheel and other parts.

However, all concerns were quickly solved by Nautilus’ customer support.

Recumbent bikes are better than upright bikes if you suffer from back pain or spinal problems, and Nautilus has many high-quality options to choose from.

Actually, their price range is very competitive for the functions and programmed workouts they offer. They are also very comfortable and sturdy, meant to last for a lifetime.

Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike

The R616 model is the first one we should talk about as one of the earliest by Nautilus and still a high-tech and very complete pick.

This recumbent bike offers comfortable lumbar support with a padded seat and ventilated back. It has 29 customizable workout programs with 25 intensity levels.

It also Bluetooth compatibility and you can track your progress with any tracking app or through the blue backlit LCD display.

It is compatible with the Explore the World app, which creates an immersive experience with beautiful cycling trails from different parts of the world.

What customers are saying

The bike has very good or excellent user ratings, especially because the machine is very quiet and the software is very responsive.

It is also sturdy and comfortable with many resistance levels for intermediate and advanced users.

Some have reported problems with the seat and other parts, which have been promptly addressed by Nautilus and its customer support staff.

Nautilus R618 Recumbent Bike

The Nautilus R618 model is an upgrade from the above, with an improved look and feel.

With this model, they solved a few issues and addressed many comments made on the R616 model.

The R618 has an adjustable display you can adapt to your sightline and position, a more comfortable gel seat, a dynamic recline seat, plus weighted pedals.

It is also more sturdy and maintains the same basic functions found in the previous model, including the Bluetooth compatibility, the 29 customizable workout programs, the 25 intensity levels, and the compatibility with the Explore the World app.

What customers are saying

Customers are overall satisfied with this model, and one of the most commonly named features is how comfortable it feels and how durable it is.

This model is also very smooth and quiet plus it comes with a free wireless heart rate sensor.

However, it has its downsides like handlebars and iPad stand may be a bit uncomfortable for very tall people.

These machines are a must-have if you’re serious about cardio, and Nautilus is a solid brand with excellent features.

These ellipticals have everything you need, not only to start your workout but also to track your progress. Plus, they are durable and very comfortable. Let’s examine two models.

Nautilus E616 Elliptical Trainer Series

This elliptical is a great pick if you want to get the best out of Nautilus at an affordable price.

You get the basic functions any elliptical should have with 25 levels of resistance and up to 29 preset workout programs.

There’s also a quick start option if you don’t want to choose, and a DualTrack LCD display to track your progress.

Alternatively, you can also turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile and track your exercise with the Nautilus Trainer 2 app or any other.

What customers are saying

Most reviews are very favorable, and one of them said the machine is actually better than expected.

It is a bit inclined and sometimes has the feel on your glutes of a stair master.

It does an excellent job but may need a few improvements, for example, the assembly is a recurrent complaint because it takes up to 2 hours.

Plus there are also a few misplaced details, such as the drink holder, which is awkwardly placed according to some customers.

Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer

If you’re not interested in many workout programs and intensity levels, and are not planning on using the Bluetooth compatibility, you will be fine with the functionality of this model.

It has 22 workout programs instead of 29 and 20 resistance levels instead of 25, which is actually enough for the average user.

You don’t have a Bluetooth compatibility and instead of using the Nautilus Trainer 2 app, you will be prompted to use the inbuilt Goal tracker software that comes with the machine.

What customers are saying

The reviews of this model are also very good, especially because it is a very sturdy machine and has the levels of resistance one would want for an average workout.

The downside some users report is that even though you can technically upload your workouts with a flash drive, it is a bit difficult to do so.

And even though it is sturdy and functional, it sometimes feels like a low-tech unit.

Before making your purchase, you could also take a look at other brands and what they have to offer.

Next up, I’m giving you five brands that offer home cardio equipment, just as Nautilus does.


Bowflex is a great brand if you’re mainly looking for high-tech and sturdy devices.

They have decades of experience in the world of fitness and offer many options for cardio and others for strength training.

They are a great brand if you’re looking to build your home gym.


If you’re into immersive digital experiences as you exercise and big screens, NordicTrack is probably your number one option.

They provide very high-tech devices and a special coaching service known as iFit, which makes cardio training more fun and entertaining.

Sunny Health & Fitness

Very few brands have the exact balance between an excellent price, high-quality, and functionality.

Sunny Health & Fitness is your way to go if you’re on a budget but still want to get a sturdy and durable piece of equipment.

With headquarters in the United States and China, they distribute mostly cardio machines for home use at excellent prices.


Customer service is an important aspect of buying, and sometimes big brands put you on hold for a long time due to a very high demand.

Marcy is another brand with competitive prices.  They truly focus on customer support because they trust the high-quality and durability of their machines.


Similar to NordicTrack, Proform is owned by ICON Fitness and has a compatibility with the iFit coaching experience.

So, it’s another option if you want a digital experience along with a sturdy and well-built cardio machine for home workouts.

If you’ve been searching for excellent cardio equipment, you probably already seen some Nautilus products.

They’re one of the leading brands for home gym equipment, somewhere between the medium and high range of the price scale.

They’re best compared to brands such as NordicTrack, Bowflex, and Marcy.

Here is my honest review of their most popular cardio products available online.