Jarvis Electric Standing Desk [2023 Review]

Jarvis Electric Standing Desk [2023 Review]

Jarvis Electric Standing Desk [2023 Review]

Jarvis Electric Standing Desk [2023 Review]

If you’re looking for a well-made standing desk that won’t cost you a fortune, I might have a good contender for you.

The Jarvis Electric Standing Desk comes with a strong electric frame and variety of desktop options to choose from.

So is it worth it? Here’s my in depth review of the desk.

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The Jarvis Standing desk is as adjustable as you can get. Not only will you be able to move it up and down, you’ll also be able to choose your own desktop material.

This model comes with a Bamboo top that looks decent and is environmentally conscious. No fertilizers or pesticides were used when growing the bamboo.

This adjustable desk features a steel frame consisted of 2 supporting legs that are wider at the bottom. The manufacturer designed them in such way on purpose, to increase stability. We didn’t think it took away from its clean bamboo look.

Stability, height adjustment, weight capacity

Compared to similar models on the market the frame is quite stable at lower settings. The issues people seem to have happens on higher settings. Some customers that were 6 feet or taller have complained that the desk wobbles.

Others say they had no problems with wobbling. We dug really deep this time and found out the wobbling happens due to poor installation. Make sure you tighten the screws that hold together the frame to the legs and each leg to its base.

You will be able to adjust your Jarvis from a minimum sitting position of 23.25’’ all the way up to 49.25’’. There will be no fast or sudden movements, the Jarvis desk moves with the speed of 1.5’’ per second.

The Jarvis adjustable desk will hold up to 350 lbs which is pretty decent and means that you’ll be able to use a monitor clamp mount.

This desk features a helpful control unit placed conveniently at the front of the desk. It features a height display, 2 buttons for up and down, 4 memory settings and a manual button. This way you can memorize up to 4 sit/stand positions so you won’t have to keep adjusting each time you use it.

The control unit works on 110V which will work perfectly for the USA. But if you decide to ship it to Europe you will definitely need a power adapter.

One thing we really liked is the safety feature of the Jarvis desk. If you have a misplaced object underneath and you try lowering it, it will retract once it touches the object and turn off. This is very helpful around kids and pets.

Power supply options/cable management

Getting an electric model means you also get a cord to plug it in. Some manufacturers have made mistakes with the cord length in the past, but not this one. The Jarvis desk power cord is 10 feet long so you can adjust its height to the highest level without worries.

One of the biggest issues people have with standing desks is the lack of cable management system; you end up with cables dangling everywhere. The Jarvis desk comes with a cable management system, BUT designed for its own power cord, and not for your cables.

Most people end up placing a cable organizer tray or something similar underneath the desk top.

The openings (grommets) placed in the back (one to the left and one to the right) are 3.15’’ wide and have black plastic covers.

The dual motors situated inside the legs run with 1.5’’ per second and some people have mentioned that the noise is above the average for standing desks. The sound could be compared to a cell phone vibrating on a hard surface. It’s far from unbearable, but it is noticeable.

One of the biggest advantages of the Jarvis desk is the budget price it comes with. Most of the desks on the market that possess similar features cost over a thousand dollars. You get a nice looking electric desk that you can program for desired heights.

Another thing we really liked is the variety of desktops. You can truly adjust the look of your table to your liking without sacrificing the stability of the heavy duty frame. Also the 7 year warranty is more than what you’d get with other brands.

A thing worth mentioning is the whopping 350 lbs of weight limit. This might not mean the world if you’re using the desk for your lap top, but people with larger needs will fully appreciate this benefit.

On the downside, people are not overwhelmed by the quality of the bamboo desktop. It’s a good thing the manufacturer offers other desktop option that we’ll look into a bit further down.

Our second worry would be the wobble some people experienced on the highest setting, although as we mentioned that might be just poor installation.

Finally, the noise of the motors needs to be fixed in the future.

Now that we know so much more about the Jarvis desk, let’s look at the different desktops that Fully offers:

Powder coated finish

This option is the most fragile of all, since powder coat basically means spray-painting the MDF or medium density fiberboard. The MDF is made by grinding scrap wood and mixing it with resin and similar substances. You can find cheap (light) and expensive (heavy) MDF on the market.

The powder coating offers a low level of protection from scratches and stains. Powder coating is only possible for solid colors, (no maple here) and it is the cheapest option for your budget.

Laminate finish

The Laminate finish is a bit better in quality since it’s made by pressing MDF material together with other substrates to create a stronger desktop. This option is better than natural wood for some people since the laminate doesn’t shrink or expand like the natural wood.

The Jarvis desktops are made with high pressure laminate (HPL) which is in upgrade from the standard laminate. HPL usually involves a bonding material similar to the plastic found inside kitchen cabinets, and is superior to the regular laminate compounds.

If you choose the laminate finish you can opt for maple, walnut, oak, graphite or white color. Another interesting option for your desktop is the wire management kit that you can add to this desktop for an additional fee.

Hardwood finish

Some people have gotten so used to working on real wood, that they need to have it even in their standing desks. And Fully supports this fully. They offer handcrafted hardwood desks that were made in the USA. To be even more precise the crafting team is located in Benton Harbor Michigan. Harwood is quite heavy and adds at least 100% to the price.

The Jarvis hardwood finish desks are made of maple wood, and you can choose between: natural, light stained, cherry stained, mahogany and walnut stained.


This is the finish we loved the most – the whiteboard. It works like a regular desk AND it gives you the ability to write lists and plans, jot down memos or doodle while you work. Sounds like fun indeed.

The whiteboard core is made of recycled wood fibers, and the outer edge is high-pressure laminate with reinforced vinyl edges.

The whiteboard standing desk is especially loved among customers as well.

Evolve design

Another product made in the USA. This time the standing desk comes with drawers, and everything is made of solid wood. The designer, Vincent Leman from Michigan works with walnut, cherry, oak or maple. His furniture collection is named Rocket Mission and focuses on quality craftsmanship.

The surface is additionally protected with a water based transparent coating.

If you are a DIY kind of person and enjoy putting things together the assembly will be fun for you. While the instructions are clear, the process of putting the desk together does require a certain amount of skill.

If you’re feeling unsure go ahead and get expert assembly for this one. If you’re setting it up yourself make sure you have another person available when lifting the table to turn it over at the end of the assembly.

You will get a 7 year warranty for the frame and all mechanical and electrical components. The desktop comes with no warranty regardless which option you order.

When it comes to sturdiness, Jarvis definitely stands on heavier steel feet compared to the Uplift’s aluminum frame. Both frames and electronics are made in China, by JieCang, a leader in manufacturing electric standing desks since 2011.

The pricing of both desks is similar, as well as the assembly. It will take you up to an hour and half regardless which desk you choose. The only issue the Uplift desk has is the weird position of the screws that are placed inside of the legs. Customers find it very difficult to tighten the Uplift feet fully.

When it comes to stability both products wobble a bit at higher settings. If this wobble has something to do with poor installation as we previously discovered we understand why a lot more Uplift customers complain about the wobble – the screws are difficult to tighten.

The manufacturers of both products would make quite an upgrade if they added a stability cross-bar. We have our fingers crossed.

Customers wishing for the lowest possible height settings would probably go with the Jarvis desk since it is designed allowing the leg to slide inside the foot, while the Uplift column sits on top of the foot and thus it extends higher.

If we look inside the desks, we will notice a problem with over lubrication of the gears. This means that after using them for a while they will start showing grease which is not pleasant at all and will create less efficient gears.

Overall, we feel that Jarvis would be a better option for people concerned with the sturdiness and durability of the frame. It’s also important to mention that Jarvis gives you a wider selection of Greenguard laminate tops – 12 solids and 12 wood grain print options.

If you’re still unsure about your future standing desk, feel free to browse more options on our website. Let’s get you moving today!