Bowflex Home Gym Review: Best Equipment For Home?

Bowflex Home Gym Review: Best Equipment For Home?

Bowflex Home Gym Review: Best Equipment For Home?

Bowflex Home Gym Review: Best Equipment For Home?

Very few companies have been in the world of fitness for as much time as Bowflex.

They offer pretty much everything you need for a complete home gym.

They’re also constantly upgrading and improving their technology for years.

But they’re not only brand on the market producing excellent gym equipment.

So how do they stack up to the competitors?

In this Bowflex product review, I look at their most popular equipment, rate how good it is, and also list some worthy alternatives.

Bowflex started as a company in 1986 with a goal to create high-quality machines for home gyms. It was a convenient solution to replace gym memberships at the time, and 34 years later it still is.

Their high-tech machines and breakthrough solutions are always innovative and improve in every release.

Among their best-selling machines, you will find bikes, treadmills, elliptical machines, and other cardio machines.

Bowflex has even developed exclusive technologies to maximize resistance without heavy plates and improve safety measures in their lock mechanisms.

All of this to offer the very best to their customers.

In order to give you a wide look at Bowflex, we are introducing the most popular products on the market.

In each category, we review each item based on ergonomics, safety, quality, and customer feedback

Bowflex Home Gyms are specialized resistance machines designed to build strength and gain muscle mass.

Bowflex has been selling these devices ever since they started the business, and now they’ve become a reference in the industry.

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym Series

The Bowflex Blaze is a multi-purpose machine with more than 60 different modalities and available exercises.

It has an exclusive Power Rod resistance technology that offers 210 pounds of resistance, you can upgrade the resistance to 310 or 410 pounds at an additional cost.

The Blaze Home Gym Series has multiple positions for pulleys and cables, which widens the possibilities, and includes handgrips, ankle cuffs, a flat bar, and a squat bar.

What customers are saying

The customer experience with this product is very good, and most people say it’s worth the money, not only for the upper body but also the lower body.

The aerobic rowing option in this model receives special praise in reviews, and the majority of unhappy customers complain about the resistance level, which might not be enough if you have experience with weights.

Bowflex Xceed Home Gym Series

The Bowflex Xceed is an upgrade from the Blaze technology and includes more pulley options and available exercises.

Instead of 60, you get a total of 67 possible combinations to workout your chest, back muscles, shoulders, arms, lower body, and core muscles.

The maximum user weight on the Xceed is 300 pounds and it offers a Power Rod resistance of 210 pounds, which is also upgradeable to 310 or 410 pounds.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews are very good, but some users state they didn’t expect it to be so large.

So keep in mind, this machine takes a space of 53×49 inches of floor space, and it goes up to 82 inches in height.

Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym Series

If you’re looking at something a bit less complex than the Bowflex Blaze, another option would be this PR1000 Home series.

The PR1000 is much simpler compared to other units and does not include a squat bar. You get a total of 26 possible exercises, which is still quite a lot for a multi-purpose exercise machine.

The maximum resistance in this machine is also 210 pounds, but it is not upgradable to 310 or 410 pounds, like other models.

What customers are saying

There are great reviews for this machine, especially from customers who were looking for a rehab machine or just starting in the fitness world.

It is very easy to assemble plus extremely intuitive and easy to use. You do get pretty much all that you need with this model if you’re not a hardcore workout buff. It’s also available for a great price.

No products found.

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Body Towers are a completely different approach to the home gym series in Bowflex, but they do offer multiple possibilities with more than 20 bodyweight exercises.

This is not a resistance machine and even though you get hand grips and straps, they are actually meant for bodyweight exercises.

The tower can be adjusted to 7 different levels according to your height and comes with an instructional placard where you get a recommendation of 8 exercises you can do.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews in this one are somewhat mixed.

Happy customers are usually looking for moderate workouts and have a high ceiling that makes up for the 6 feet height of this machine.

But some people have complained that it is not completely stable and wobbles a bit.

Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Bench

This is one of the best adjustable bench series from Bowflex, it has 6 different angles including a flat and a decline option.

The SelectTech Adjustable Bench has a whopping 600-pound user weight capacity, and the dimensions are 61x28x49 inches. Plus it folds up and has transportation wheels for easier transportation and storage in your home.

You also get a leg attachment you can use for extensions or curls, but the machine is not designed for lower body exercises, and it is used as a stabilizer instead.

What customers are saying

The overall customer experience for this machine is very good. It is a sturdy product, easy to use, and very easy to put together.

The assembly takes only 30 minutes, and the only complaints reported were minor problems concerning the packaging and the quality of the leather wrapping.

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym

410 pounds of resistance may not be enough for you, especially if you’re an advanced weightlifter.

In that case, Bowflex offers this specialized Home Gym, which can go up to 600 pounds of resistance if you’re using an upgrade plus has more than 100 exercises and variations to choose from, for both your lower and upper body.

You also get a sliding rail for rows, independently moving arms with various positions, and a leg press station.

What customers are saying

Some customers are happy with the machine while others mention the smaller weights are too much for a beginner user.

The weights are sometimes hard to take on and off, and the machine is very big for a standard house, but fortunately you can use its folded mode for easy storage.

Bowflex also has a wide array of cardio machines worth mentioning. We recommend the following:

Bowflex M3 Max Trainer Series

If you’re into elliptical machines, the Bowflex Max Trainer series has a lot to offer.

It combines the typical elliptical movement with the calorie-burning and glute-strengthening of a traditional stepper. It also has 8 resistance levels and 2 preset workout programs.

What customers are saying

The majority of customers get results after a few weeks with as little as 14 minutes of daily workouts.

The M3 series is perhaps a simpler approach, and even though it does not have Bluetooth connectivity, it includes a chest strap for an accurate heart rate reading.

It has an interactive backlit display, and excellent customer experiences to go with it.

Bowflex BXT216 Treadmill

Treadmills are excellent workout equipment, and Bowflex offers everything you need for a fully customizable exercise.

The BXT216  is a motorized treadmill with a very large running deck (22×60 inches), a 9-inch full-color LCD screen, and a 4.0 CHP motor capable of delivering a maximum speed of 12 MPH.

You get 11 workout programs and a customizable inclination of up to 15%.

What customers are saying

The majority of reviews are really good, especially among heavy people because the maximum user weight goes up to 400 pounds.

Customers say it’s very smooth and sturdy, and the majority are very satisfied with the product.

Typical complaints include not having warmups or cooldowns and not having a zero-degree incline. The minimum incline level is 1 degree.

No products found.

No products found.

The TreadClimber Series from Bowflex is a very smart combination of an elliptical, a treadmill, and a stepper machine.

It has an interesting design you can figure out easily and get yourself a 3-in-1 workout with a speed range from 0.5 MPH to 4.5 MPH.

You get 5 workout programs and a backlit LCD display to track your calories, time, distance, and other stats.

There’s also an interesting app for the TC200 series which may be of use to keep yourself engaged and track your fitness goals.

What customers are saying

Many customers are very satisfied while others complain it is not a quiet and smooth machine.

It also sometimes gets it wrong with a few stats, including the number of workout days in a row and heart rate monitoring.

Overall, it offers a good workout experience and is definitely worth the investment.

Bowflex Results E216 Elliptical Series

If you’re not interested in a 3-in-1 function or other combinations offered by Bowflex, you can also go for the typical elliptical machine.

These are great for cardio and will almost certainly make you feel satisfied.

The E216 Elliptical series has 11 preset workout programs to choose from, a 9-inch full-color LCD display, and connectivity with Bluetooth to track your activity in different apps.

You can also connect to the Explore the World app which tracks your progress while giving you a immersive experience with interactive roads.

What customers are saying

Some people have also reported bad experiences, which mostly have to do with defective units and issues with electronics.

However, satisfied customers say this is a very sturdy, solid, and durable elliptical machine and praise customer service for easily fixing their issues.

This type of weights is a new technology meant to replace long stacks of dumbbells with plates and a smart locking system.

Bowflex has also made its own contribution with these two models:

Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells

These adjustable dumbbells come in pairs, ready to be used, and you can choose from 5 to 52.5 pounds with 2.5-pound increments.

The locking system is very safe, and you can rapidly change your weight by placing the dumbbells on the base and turning the dial to the desired weight.

When you purchase the SelectTech Adjustable Dumbells, you automatically get a 2-year warranty on the dumbbells, their plates, and other parts.

You can also download the Bowflex SelectTech app to build your own workout routines and get the best out of your new set of adjustable dumbbells.

What customers are saying

The customer experience with these dumbbells is almost perfect, and there are thousands of 5-star reviews.

They can replace a lot of expensive dumbbells, and the dial system to change the weight is very easy to use.

Still, some users say it is bulky and they wish the dumbbells were a bit narrower.

Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Weights

This adjustable weight follows the same principle with a slight difference. Your purchase includes only one adjustable weight. Instead of being a dumbbell, this is more like a kettlebell.

You can choose your weight from 8 pounds up to 40 pounds, and switch to your new weight rapidly by placing the adjustable kettlebell on the floor and turning a dial.

Instead of using 6 different weights and stacking them at home, you can replace them with only one, and perform all of the swinging motion and functional training exercises with an ergonomic handle that allows for different grip options.

What customers are saying

Once again, the majority of customer reviews and comments are very positive, but some say there are safety flaws in the plates that should be addressed.

It is also important to say that dropping the weights to the ground can affect the internal mechanism of the adjustable plate locks and may cause dangerous accidents.

Bowflex is definitely not the only brand that’s been around for years and offers high-quality home gym equipment.

Other brands include Marcy, Sunny Health & Fitness, Nautilus, and Nordic Track. Let’s briefly review each one of them and what they have to offer.


Marcy is a brand manufactured and directed by a company named IMPEX, which was founded back in 1982 and has since become a very important source of fitness products in the gym industry.

They are well known for creating very sturdy and durable products which are excellent for commercial use in very high-tech gyms.

IMPEX brands

Other brands directed by IMPEX include Bionic Body, Hers, SteelBody, APEX, and Competitor.

One of the best features of IMPEX is the ultimate customer service they provide, and the innovative and high-quality products they produce.

Their prices are also very competitive and they have many products worth mentioning in the field of home gyms.

Sunny Health & Fitness

Sunny Health & Fitness is a company headquartered in China and Los Angeles, California.

They’re a distributor and importer of very high-quality fitness products, not only for the gym but also for home workouts.

Wide variety of products

What’s great about Sunny Health & Fitness is their competitive prices and the wide variety of products they bring to the market.

You can get your cycle bike or your treadmill from them, but you could also get strength training equipment and anything else you need to build your very own home gym.

The equipment is high-quality, it is manufactured in China and Taiwan, and the team includes sales consultants and specialists in customer service to provide the best experience to their customers.


Nautilus is yet another very famous brand in the United States, the UK, and many other countries.

They’ve been around in the world of fitness for the past 40 years and they’re always evolving to offer top-notch fitness products that make use of the best technology available.

The machines from Nautilus are made for cardio and strength training, and they are present in many gyms and home gyms worldwide.

Road to Wellness

Nautilus is based in Vancouver, Washington, and is widely recognized for an employee fitness program known as Road to Wellness, which promotes physical fitness in the workplace and at home.

Moreover, they actually commercialize Bowflex, as well as other brands that include Schwinn, Universal, Octane Fitness, and Modern Movement.

Nordic Track

This premium brand of personal training is dedicated to create the best home gym experience and has been improving its technology and equipment for many years.

They manufacture a wide array of elliptical machines, treadmills, exercise bikes, and other machines with a unique sync technology and the best training programs in the market.

Industry-leading features

They are behind the iFit experience, which makes working out a challenging and very engaging experience.

Nordic Track has been working hard to be the industry-leading brand for cardio machines, not only focusing on customer experience but also on minor details that make a difference in the long run, such as shock absorption and the experience of zero impact training.

In this article, you have probably realized that Bowflex is a very solid brand, with a long history of success, and many high-tech products to offer.

Prices can be higher compared to other brands, but you will get safe and sturdy equipment backed up with solid customer service and different types of warranty.

Still, even if you’re buying from Bowflex, be sure to check out user comments and reviews.

They are always evolving and improving their product lines, but you may encounter a few experiences you would prefer to avoid. So, take your time to read the reviews in order to make an educated purchase.