The 11 Best Tile Saws For Precise Cutting

The 11 Best Tile Saws For Precise Cutting

The 11 Best Tile Saws For Precise Cutting

The 11 Best Tile Saws For Precise Cutting

If you’re for clean & straight tile cuts for your project, you will want to invest in a reliable tile saw.

Below you’ll find my recommended list of tile saws that are suitable for ceramic, porcelain, stone tiles, and more.

I will also list some important things to consider before actually making a purchase decision.

Dewalt Wet Tile Saw With Stand

Dewalt Wet Tile Saw With Stand

  • Precision cutting with stainless steel wheels, sturdy frame, and cutline indication
  • Rip cut capacity of 37” (47” with plunge)
  • 18” cutting clearance for the blade to cut 36x36” tiles in half
  • Crosscut capacity of 81/2”
  • Weighs 91 lbs for portability
  • Compact size for fitting through door frames
  • 15A motor with 1220 MWO for tough applications
  • Enclosed water tray system for keeping the site neat and dry

The 10” Dewalt Tile Saw and Stand comes with some amazing features. This includes its incredible rip cut capacity, its crosscut capabilities, and its ability to make precise cuts every time.

The 18” cutting clearance of the blade along with the saw’s rip cut capacity allows you to cut 36×36” tiles in half-  quickly and easily. The crosscut aptitude makes sill and plank cutting effortless.

The cart easily fits through door frames, and with the entirely enclosed water tray, you’ll be able to keep your work area extremely clean, with minimum spillage.

This model comes with a stand for easy setup onsite, as well as simple disassembly before moving it to another site. We consider this unit the best professional tile saw on the market.

What customers are saying

The majority of people who bought this tile saw were extremely happy with their purchase. They all agree that the product comes well-packaged, and is made with quality materials.

Porter Cable PCE980 Wet Tile Saw

Porter Cable PCE980 Wet Tile Saw

  • Built-in miter square for lining up rip cuts and miter cuts
  • Splash guard for spillage prevention on the operator
  • Roll cage which protects the cutting cart and aids portability
  • Stainless steel deck
  • Drain plug for water draining
  • Revs per minute: 2850

The Porter Cable Tile Saw is equipped with a powerful one horsepower motor that is ideal for cutting stone, ceramic, or porcelain tiles.

The cast iron cutting cart has a cutting aptitude of 17” when cutting 12×12” tiles diagonally. The machine allows you to cut tiles up to 12” long with a 1/16” cutting accuracy.

Included in your purchase is a wet tile saw, miter square, blade for cutting porcelain tiles, blade wrench, and a 3 year restricted warranty.

What customers are saying

This tile saw received excellent reviews. The majority of customers were extremely happy with the saw’s water cleaning feature, durability, design, and power.

However, some customers had issues with the blade and said that it wobbles, causing tile chipping.

Milwaukee Fuel 3-Inch Compact Cut Off Tool

Milwaukee Fuel 3-Inch Compact Cut Off Tool

  • Lightweight and compact size
  • Revs per minute: 20000
  • Fast and precise cutting
  • Reversible blade spin for enhanced cutting control
  • Redlink Plus Intelligence offers overload protection and high-end performance
  • Brushless motor with advanced power and extended life
  • Comes with USA authorized dealer guarantee

This Milwaukee Cut Off Tool comes with many useful features, which include its one hand operation, its versatile cutting capabilities, and its spinning aptitude of 20 000 revs per minute.

It has a powerstate brushless motor that can effortlessly cut through most materials, and the unique reversible blade spinning feature gives you advanced cutting control.

Included with your purchase are a diamond tile blade, metal cut-off wheel, and carbide abrasive blade, as well as other accessories to make your cutting experience more comfortable.

What customers are saying

This tool received mostly 5-star reviews, and most customers had nothing but praise for its versatility, ruggedness, easy operation, and compact size.

Still, some customers were disappointed with the power of the unit.

iQTS244 10” Dry Cut Tile Saw

iQTS244 10” Dry Cut Tile Saw

  • Lightweight and compact size
  • Suitable for cutting various materials without water
  • 10” vacuum cooled blade
  • Rip cut capacity of 24”
  • Cutting depth of 1.5”
  • 3-step filtration system
  • Durable IQ dura bond filter
  • 5HP

This saw was specially designed to cut through porcelain, ceramic, stone, and marble without using water. It complies 100% with the latest OSHA standards applicable for respirable silica dust.

The unit is made with high-end durable materials and uses an IQ dura bond filter that only requires replacement once yearly. This model comes in a lightweight and compact size for easy mobility.

Other useful features include its 10” Q-drive vacuum cooled blade and 3-step filtration system. This unit is our top choice for cutting through porcelain.

What customers are saying

Customers left fantastic reviews on this saw. They all agree that it works perfectly on porcelain, it is incredibly durable, and it’s well worth the money spent.

Delta 96-107 7” Cruzer Wet Tile Saw

Delta 96-107 7” Cruzer Wet Tile Saw

  • 13A Motor
  • 7” diamond cutting wheel
  • A rip capacity of 24”
  • Durable rip fence that has positive stops at 0º, 5º, and 45º
  • Durable rail system for producing straight, smooth, and precise cuts
  • Suitable for cutting concrete, porcelain, ceramic, granite, and other stone materials

The Delta Cruzer Wet Tile Saw features a diamond cutting wheel that is perfect for cutting stone materials up to a maximum of 2-⅜”.

The unit has an incredible rip aptitude of 24” and an 18” diagonal cutting capacity. The 13A motor effortlessly cuts through porcelain, concrete, granite, and ceramic as well as other stone materials.

It comes with a high quality blade that must be thrown out after a few cuts. This saw is designed for accuracy, advanced productivity, fewer waste materials, and perfect-looking projects.

People who bought this tile saw gave it excellent reviews. The majority of customers were happy with its performance, durability, easy setup, and cleaning.

Makita 14-Inch Power Cutter With Diamond Blade

Makita 14-Inch Power Cutter With Diamond Blade

  • Upgraded metering spring and decompression valve
  • Ignition coil with start-support for straightforward startup
  • On/off switch on a single lever for convenience
  • 5-step filtration process
  • Carburetor with microchip regulation
  • 70º range blade guard, made from durable reinforced aluminum

This 14” Makita Cutter With Diamond Blade features an impressive 5-step filtration system that offers incredible airflow for clean air and advanced performance while working.

The machine includes cushioned grips with 4-vibration absorption buffers and a water kit assembly that you can use with your own garden hose.

With the microchip regulated carburetor, the engine is tied according to your workload. This saw is incredible and gets our vote for the best diamond blade cutter.

What customers are saying

Customers highly recommend this saw, and many of them have commented on its impressive quality, powerful operation, and overall value for money.

However, some customers struggled to get the machine started.

Skil 3540-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw

This Skil Tile Saw is made from an extremely durable stainless steel material that can easily withstand corrosion and support tiles of up to 12×12”.

It comes with an adjustable rip fence and miter gauge, useful for making neat and precise cuts. The blade remains cool and free from debris or dust particles, due to the included water reservoir.

The table can bevel from 0 to 46º, and the blade capacity is 7.75” for crosscuts and 7.25” for diagonal cuts. This tile saw is perfect for cutting masonry or stone materials.

Masonry Tile Saw By GÖLZ

The Masonry tile saw has everything you’d want in a professional saw. The cutting head can adjust to 45º for jolly cutting, and the unit comes with an adjustable water tub for straightforward cleaning.

Pump and blade changes are a breeze, thanks to the electric water pump and pluggable blade guard included. And the cutting lengths can be adjusted to suit your requirements to a tee.

This saw has incredible features to make your cutting experience comfortable and hassle-free.

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The Husqvarna Electric Saw features a 14” wet cutter (blade sold separately), inspection lid, pop-out carbon brushes, onboard wrench, and a power cable underneath the handle.

It is ideal for use indoors with a 1800W engine, 1800W soft start arbor, and ergonomic rear handle.

Blade changing is super convenient thanks to the basic blade change anti-vibration system and large outlet inside the blade guard.

Another standout feature is its innovative digital overload protection mechanism that changes the rotation speed to prevent possible overload.

Ryobi 4 Tile Saw


This 4” Ryobi Tile Saw is equipped with a 12A motor and can be used on both wet and dry tiles.

The handheld unit was built with durability in mind and enables you to cut through the roughest of tiling materials seamlessly.

It has a lock-on trigger that helps you gain control during prolonged use or when making long cuts and is perfect for cutting tiles or granite.

MK Diamond 10-Inch Wet Cutting Tile Saw

The MK Diamond Tile Saw is specially designed for cutting marble, tile, and porcelain. A convenient feature is the water distribution mechanism that wets the blade on both sides.

The 1 ½ HP enclosed baldor motor has thermal protection, and the multi-position cutting head and motor makes the cutting of different sized tiles a walk in the park.

The unit also features a variable height cutting head which is perfect when making plunge cuts, as well as when using smaller blades with a 10” diameter.

Other standout features include its neoprene non-slip table and durable cast aluminum guards.

Tile cutters

Tile cutters resemble carjacks that have a bar running from the top to the bottom, the tiles are broken along the scoreline.

Setting up a tile cutter takes longer than a wet saw, and breaking harder tiles can be a challenge if you do not have the right scoring wheel.

Placing excessive pressure could break the tile or produce an uneven edge. Tile cutters require some “breaking in”, but once you have mastered the skill, they pose incredible advantages.

They are more affordable and portable than wet saws, plus you do not need to have specialized skills to use them. They are ideal for smaller jobs and softer tiles.

Wet Saws

Larger jobs are better suited for wet saws. These tools are powered with electricity and look similar to table saws. They cut tiles with a rotating diamond blade which is kept aligned by a guide.

Water is distributed all over the blade to prevent the tile from smoking or breaking. Some have tables connected to the water source while others have a water reservoir.

Wet saws produce precise and straight cuts, but with some practice, you can cut more complex shapes.  Where tile cutters only cut straight, wet saws can produce curved tiles.

The main benefits of wet saws are that they can cut harder materials. They are also more precise, faster, and easier to operate.

Feed design

The feed design represents the tile saw’s aptitudes and size. There are primarily 3 feed designs to choose from:

Sliding table

The saw is equipped with a table that slides. The tile is placed on this table, with a stationary blade at the rear of the unit. When the table is pushed back, the blade cuts the tile.

The motor housing and blade are usually located on the arm, this allows you to make wider cuts. One drawback of this machine is that once it is damaged, it is not easy to produce a straight cut

Also, the length of your tile is restricted by the space from the beginning of the work surface to the blade. Therefore, look for a saw that can cut big enough tiles according to your requirements.

Bridge saw

A bridge saw’s platform and the tile you place on it are both motionless. The motor and blade move along a bridge that spans the front to the rear.

The tile is placed on the stationary platform, and the running saw is pulled toward you to cut.

These saws offer versatility as far as tile sizes go, and both platform sides remain completely open, therefore any width of tiles can be used.

The drawback of these saws is that they are quite bulky and can be very heavy. They also require frequent maintenance of the bridge rollers, and the saw itself is relatively pricey.


With sliding tables and bridge saws, the tile is motionless while some parts of the saws move. However, with a stationary saw, all parts remain stationary.

The tile will need to be slid on the platform until it pushes through the blade. It can be a challenge to obtain a clean cut with this one because the tiles hardly ever slide as effortlessly as you’d prefer.

However, stationary saws do pose some valuable benefits, they are compact, portable, and lightweight. Also, even though they are small, you are not restricted to smaller tiles only.

Any sized tile that can be pushed through, can be cut. Stationary saws are more affordable as well, and that is why they are a preferred choice.

Tile size

Tiles are available in many sizes, from tiny decorative tiles to exceptionally large floor tiles.

While the saw type you select will make a difference in choosing the size of your tiles, you must still look at the variance in capacity, even amongst models that have a similar design.

We recommend looking for a saw that has extremely versatile tile size capabilities.

Water feed

The water feed type the unit has will depend on the saw type. Most sliding tables and bridge saws have a pump that directs water from a reservoir under the platform.

When considering this water feed choice, make sure the jet that wets the blade is pointed straight at the blade.

With stationary tile saws, water is typically kept in a reservoir under the blade. When the blade is spinning, it kicks up the water over the tabletop.

This type of unit usually has drainage holes that allow water to return to the reservoir. These water feeds can be quite messy, and you will most likely get soaked when using the saw.

Cut accuracy

The most essential feature to look for in a tile saw is whether it can cut a precise, clean, and straight line.

If your tiles are not uniformed, the money you saved buying a cheap saw will no longer be worth it.

Also, if you end up with a model that results in chipped ends, using your new saw isn’t going to be an enjoyable experience.