The Best Standing Desk Mats For Anti Fatigue

The Best Standing Desk Mats For Anti Fatigue

The Best Standing Desk Mats For Anti Fatigue

The Best Standing Desk Mats For Anti Fatigue

While standing desks are great, you still need to pay attention to your ergonomic workstation.

I provided some guidelines in my recent standing desk ergonomics article.

If you don’t have time read, one of my recommendations is a fatigue mat.

In this article, I’ll explain the benefits of using one and also recommend my favorite fatigue mats on the market.

Topo Anti Fatigue Mat by Ergodriven

Topo by Ergodriven: The Non-Flat Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat

  • Next-generation features
  • Active and varied stances
  • Cushioned terrain
  • Works for sitting and standing

Ergodriven is a company that prides themselves on providing the best of the best when it comes to ergonomic chairs, desks, and mats. The Topo Mat is nothing short of genius.

This anti fatigue mat features one of the most unique designs of all the mats on this list. It has many hills, curves and flat spots this mat can be used in any position.

You must remember, a sedentary lifestyle is the enemy, and this mat provides you with the endless spaces for stretching and strengthening your feet while you work.

The texture is just soft enough to be comfortable and hard enough to support your feet – they really hit the right spot when it comes to comfort and ergonomics.

What we like

  • Endless design features will have you standing more often
  • Soft texture is perfect for shoes or feet
  • Two sizes for unique feet helps to provide custom foot stance options
  • Can also be used while seated for stretching the feet

What we don’t like

  • Some amazing users feel that the teardrop middle component is limiting
  • Texture and design takes time for your feet to get used to
  • Be ready for some minor soreness for the first couple days

It is important to understand that any new ergonomic device will take time to get used to.

And this mat is one of the few that may take slightly more time. With that said, the soreness will lead to strength over time, and it’s better than the pain and discomfort of traditional desk chairs

Vari Standing Desk Mat

Vari Standing Desk Mat

  • Cushioned yet sturdy support for your feet
  • Extra thick design for prolonged standing periods
  • Easily fits in any office or cubicle
  • Anti-slip
  • Easy to clean and vacuum

If you don’t like too many edges, designs, and special features, this flat standing mat might interest you.

It is made with high-quality materials by a well-known company that provides standing desks and uses this mat as a companion.

The mat is designed with beveled edges to prevent curling and tripping, and the support area is big enough for your feet but still suitable for a small working space.

What customers are saying

Customers love the Vari Standing Desk Mat especially because it is comfortable, durable, and very easy to clean.

Many people say that it’s a must-have if you have a standing desk, and some of them said that their back pain problems improved significantly after using this mat.

Genius Mat by Sky Mats

Genius Mat by Sky Mats

  • An excellent option for a standing desk
  • Firm, supportive, and very comfortable
  • Designed to reduce fatigue and tension with a built-in acupressure rollerball
  • Recommended if you stand on the same spot for long hours

The Genius Mat is a great option if you’d like soothing massages every once in a while. It is very comfortable and helps you stand for a really long time without feeling tired.

The surface of the mat relieves pressure on your feet, but you may feel restricted if you don’t have a fixed position because it is quite small.

The massage ball is encased in plastic and can be removed if that’s what you’d prefer.

What customers are saying

The majority of satisfied customers work from home on a standing desk and describe their experience with two thumbs up.

Many of them have even reported a significant reduction in back pain and say that the Genius Mat is very durable and easy to clean.

AmazonBasics Non-Flat Standing Anti-Fatigue Desk Mat

AmazonBasics Non-Flat Standing Anti-Fatigue Desk Mat

  • Specially designed for those who stand in a fixed position at work or home
  • Manufactured in polyurethane foam
  • Features a raised center to apply pressure and relieve tension in your feet
  • Improves standing posture and promotes circulation
  • Very durable

The AmazonBasics Anti-Fatigue Desk Mat is one of the most durable and resistant fatigue mats on the market.

It’s made with polyurethane foam, features contoured raised edges, and has a central raised section that you can use as a massage roller when your feet feel tired.

The mat is great not only for alleviating fatigue and improving blood circulation but also for better posture and overall productivity.

What customers are saying

According to customer reviews, the AmazonBasics fatigue mat offers great value for the money and is incredibly comfortable.

It’s soft on your feet and the raised ball in the center can be very useful to relieve tension.

However, it might be too small if you have big feet and it’s very lightweight so it may slide sometimes, especially on carpet.

FEZIBO Standing Desk Anti Fatigue Mat

FEZIBO Standing Desk Anti Fatigue Mat

  • Keeps your body and core active as you stand
  • Relieves foot and leg tension by constantly switching your center of gravity
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Maximum user weight of 320 pounds
  • 2-year warranty

Working while standing is not as bad as sitting all day, but holding the same position for too long can be exhausting sometimes.

Also, you might want to burn some extra calories moving while standing. It’s kind of the same principle as active sitting.

This wobble fatigue mat constantly changes your center of gravity and reduces pressure on your joints.

It features anti-fatigue massage points with high-density latex and a non-slip surface.

It’s also great for strengthening your core because it works similar to a balance board but at a lower degree.

This makes it ideal, not only as a fatigue mat but also to perform physical therapy and very light balance exercises.

What customers are saying

The customer reviews on the FEZIBO standing mat are excellent, most people praise its stability and say that it works incredibly if you’re standing on the same spot for a long time.

The only downside people reported is that the wobbling can be distracting sometimes.

Sky Mat- Anti Fatigue Mat

Sky Mat- Anti Fatigue Mat

  • Patented sky core foam is uber comfortable
  • Super non-slip bottom
  • No toxic off-gassing smells
  • Modern look

At a fraction of the price of most standing desk mats the Sky Mat- our best choice for great value and exceptional ergonomics while standing.

The mat features a very modern look and the patented Sky Core Foam creates a perfect blend of support and softness for standing all day in the kitchen or office.

Our favourite component to this mat is the endless colour selection. Most mats come in black or grey, which can be a little boring. For the eccentric office decorators out there, this could be the mat for you.

Beyond the design and colour choice, the feel and ergonomics is no pushover. The patented sky core foam feels quite comfortable and durable.

What we like

  • Low cost
  • Patented SkyCore Foam is very good
  • Colour selection
  • Non-slip and no edges make it very versatile in your office

What we don’t like

  • Could be thicker

Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat

Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat

  • Combines softness and support for office or kitchen use
  • Non-slide bottom designed to prevent slipping
  • Non-toxic, very high-quality materials
  • Easy to clean and does not collect hair or dirt

The Sky Solutions anti-fatigue mat is specially designed for plantar fasciitis.

With its soft foam core, the mat reduces stress on your joints and muscles by up to 32% plus decreases pressure on your spine and lower back when combined with good posture.

It provides a comfortable cushioned surface for your stand up desk and also for kitchens and garages.

Anti slip material

It eliminates the risk of tripping or sliding with its beveled edge and anti-curl technology.

There are 9 colors and 3 sizes to choose from and because it has a reliable non-slip bottom, you can place it safely in high traffic areas at home.

What customers are saying

People who bought the Sky Solutions mat say that the brand is extremely trustworthy and the material of the mat is high-quality.

They love that it provides a very comfortable surface to stand on both with shoes and without them.

TerraMat Standing Desk Mat

The TerraMat could just be one of the most unique designs we have featured here. This mat comes loaded with standard foot massagers, balance ars and an array of various foot positions to help you feel comfortable in any spot. You can use this mat sitting or standing and is a great mat for transitioning to a wobble design.

Gorilla Grip Original Comfort Mat

The extra thick and simple gorilla grip mat is one of the best mats for the price. What it lacks in design features it makes up for in comfort. We used this mat sitting, standing, in shoes, barefoot and found that the mat was very close to our runner-up for the best flat mat.

GelPro Elite Premier Gel & Foam Anti-Fatigue Mat

This mat is made in Texas with high-quality materials and is a great choice if you’re thinking about getting an anti-fatigue mat for your kitchen.

The GelPro Elite has many designs and colors to choose from and is made with a combination of gel and foam that feels fantastic on your feet.

It also has a non-slip bottom surface to make it safer for high-traffic areas and it’s very easy to clean.

What customers are saying

Most people love the GelPro Elite and say it’s incredible on almost any surface.

It isn’t a cheap mat but it’s extremely comfortable with or without shoes and some customers say it helps relieve pain as well.

Ergo Elements Anti Fatigue Standing Mat

Featuring raised areas and a foot-bump at the center, this is one of the best alternatives to the AmazonBasics model we mentioned above.

It is made with polyurethane foam and has a non-slip at the bottom that makes your experience on it a lot safer.

Apart from the massage bump at the center, you will have two extra areas to massage your feet at the back.

It’s not very large but it still allows for different positions and works perfectly with any standing desk.

What customers are saying

This model doesn’t have as many customer reviews as the others, but the reviews it has so far are excellent.

Customers say that it’s extremely lightweight making it easy to move and store. Although it seems a bit pricey, many say it’s worth it because it’s remarkably durable and reliable.

Vari ActiveMat Groove

With a rollerball at the center, this mat is made not only to support your feet but also to give you a stretch every once in a while.

It’s built with a high-density core to keep it in place and beveled edges to prevent curling and tripping.

This is an alternative to the flat version of the Vari standing desk mat and is also manufactured by the same company.

What customers are saying

Customer reviews are not as abundant as they were on the other model but what we see so far is excellent and very promising.

Customers are very happy with this standing mat and love the comfort it provides.

KANGAROO Premium Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat

This might just be one of the most versatile mats we have on our list. The bubbled texture and the many foot positions lead to endless comfort in foot positions. We only wish the mat was a little thicker and perhaps a touch softer so that we could use this barefoot, but for the price, we can’t complain.

Gaiam Evolve Wobble Board for Standing Desk

Just because we’re calling this a wobble board does not mean you will be losing balance. The movement is very subtle and helps to stimulate more muscles in the posterior leg. The ergonomic design and fluid movement lead to a Fluid rocking motion that creates low-impact movement. This floor mat is perfect for those that are frequently moving around the office and want another ergonomic touch to their workspace that emphasizes balance and great posture.

Why use a standing desk mat?

Perhaps you are unsure why a standing desk mat is necessary in the first place. It is important to remember that the entire reason for standing is to influence more movement.

Sitting, in this case, requires very little muscle activation or movement to begin with, which could be your source of pain and discomfort.

Taking the step to standing will help to keep you be more active (isometrically) even if you are not moving while you stand.

The standing mats allow for the highest level of comfort, strengthen your feet, and enable for more stance variations and movement.

Standing mats are specifically designed to reinforce more movement in an effort to limit the amount of time each day you spend in a sedentary state.

Finding the right mat for you comes down to how much you currently stand, and how much you want to move around your office now.

Depending on the type of mat, you can have one that reinforces more movement and another that has you standing more stationary in one supported position.

Image by Ted Mielczarek on Flickr

What are some of the different styles of standing mats?

The most basic mat you can grab. Both our runner-up and great value mat have this in common. They feature a simple, flat design that allows for more comfort for longer periods of standing.

This is similar to our top choice. The design will enable more movement during the day due to the various modes of standing. This design is best suited to the intermediate standard – as you can move from a more simple, flat design to a more complex rounded feature whenever possible.

Perhaps the most advanced type of standing desk mats. These mats have some slight movement built into the design to help you increase foot strength and stimulate more muscle and movement throughout the day. We recommend transitioning from a stationary mat like the flat or curved designs prior to trying these.

  • They reduce lower limb and foot problems in people who stand for a long time
  • They reduce sore feet, tiredness, and discomfort after standing for a long time
  • With correct footwear, they can reduce the pressure on the feet in plantar fasciitis
  • They improve the impact of unyielding and hard floors and provide some elasticity
  • They reduce the danger of falling or tripping on slippery floors.

Does OSHA require fatigue mats?

There isn’t an industry standard for the use of fatigue mats.

However, OSHA does value the positive impact of fatigue mats and makes a reference about it in their guidelines for restaurant industries and retail trade.

When should fatigue mats be used?

When floors are extremely hard and it’s not possible to install carpeting, fatigue mats can be a suitable alternative.

The cushioning effect they provide can reduce fatigue and prevent tripping and falling.

How to select a standing desk mat?

One of the key features you need to evaluate is the length, width, and height. This allows you to know your available floor space.

Evaluate the material too. Avoid vinyl and look for high-quality foam instead. It is important to have a non-slip material and surface as well.

What other ergonomic factors to consider?

Fatigue mats won’t do much if your footwear is not appropriate.

Your shoes should have an appropriate arch and provide you with heel support to reduce sore feet and increase your comfort in the workplace.