The Best Ergonomic Under Desk Footrest In 2023

The Best Ergonomic Under Desk Footrest In 2023

The Best Ergonomic Under Desk Footrest In 2023

The Best Ergonomic Under Desk Footrest In 2023

Do you suffer from back pain or you’re looking for something more comfortable for the office? It’s often overlooked as an important ergonomic tool, but a foot rest might be exactly what you need.

Experts have proven that an effective foot rest will improve your posture, comfort levels, and even give you a boost in concentration.

Need help in picking the right foot rest for you?

There are a vast range of 
 foot rest products available on the market. Each comes with its own unique 
 features. We have spent hours researching foot rests and trying out various
 products to find out which ones are the most comfortable and affordable.

Find out below what we found.

Kensington Comfort Memory Foam Footrest

Kensington Foot Rest For Under Desk At Work, Smartfit Comfort Memory Foam Angle and Height Adjustable Footrest, Non-Skid Foot Stool For Under Office Desk, White/Black K56144USF

  • Made of high quality memory foam for comfort.
  • Clever foot pedal to adjust for perfect comfort.
  • Height adjusts from 3.5 to 5 Inches, angle adjusts up to 30 degrees for individual comfort.
  • Easy to use and set up

The Kensington footrest was our top choice to put under your desk.

It a very attractive design, is slightly bigger, and will support your ergonomic workstation.

. It is ideal for very short people or people who would like more control when it comes to adjusting height and positioning of the foot rest.

What we like

  • Provides more height lift than other foot rests
  • The soft padding is very comfortable for the feet
  • The foot pedal allows you to set the height to your requirements
  • Has an ergonomic design for better posture at work
  • Easily adjustable

What we don’t like

  • Slightly more expensive than other products

The Amazon Basics Foot Rest

Amazon Basics Under Desk Foot Rest - Black

  • Ergonomic design helps healthy sitting posture and spine alignment
  • Keeps the legs and feet continually elevated
  • The footrest design allows for tilting back and forth- ideal for stretching
  • Textured surface creates a massaging effect on soles of bare or socked feet
  • Sits securely on the floor

The AmazonBasics Footrest
 came a close second on our list because it is strong, sturdy and provides the right kind of elevation and position for your feet.

Unlike other products that break easily, are tricky to assemble, are noisy or unreliable- this footrest remains in position.

What we like

  • Lifts the feet not too high, allowing for a comfortable seated position when working at your computer
  • Allows legs to relax, reducing stress on the back and shoulders
  • The flexible design lets the feet move back and forth to improve blood circulation
  • It is well-built, so it won’t break or fall apart after a few days
  • It stays put on the floor, doesn’t shift or slide away
  • It comes at a very good price compared to similar products

What we don’t like

  • If we had to pick something, it might be that it is not very high, so shorter people or those who prefer a higher foot rest might not be as satisfied.

When it comes to office ergonomics, a foot rest is probably not the first thing you think of. However, research shows that one of the biggest reasons for back pain and discomfort at work is poor posture.

And a foot rest has been proven to help correct posture.

Foot rests and posture

Foot rests help to correct our posture by ensuring feet are placed correctly on the floor. This has an immediate and positive effect on the rest of the body, improving blood circulation and taking pressure off the legs and spine. By being encouraged to sit back in the chair, the whole body is also aligned properly and optimally for better productivity and higher concentration.

Footrests have many ergonomic benefits

  • Encourages you to sit properly in your chair, with as much of your back against chair as possible, supporting your spine and lower back
  • It also naturally lets the legs, hips and arms to fall into more natural and supportive position when working
  • Takes pressure off the legs
  • Elevates the feet, putting the rest of the body in the correct sitting posture
  • Ensures good blood circulation and flow in the feet, legs and back
  • Makes it easier to lift your feet, move them around to ease tension
  • Let’s you adjust your sitting position while working

If you are not sure yet about the product you would like to buy, perhaps have a look at other foot rests and compare the features. This will give you an idea of the right foot rest for you. Other good choices are:

This is more of a hi-tech foot pillow, with a very soft, luxurious feel. The product has quality padding, which is nice and comfy and allows you to move your feet. Gives your toes and under feet a bit of a massage, which can be soothing and relaxing at work. In addition, the material is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic and you can remove the outer cover if you want to wash it.

This product requires absolutely no assembly, so it is ready to use the moment you open the box. It has a good ergonomic design and will let you move your feet quite a lot. However, some users have complained about not being able to lock the tilt functionality. This may create too much movement for some so bear this in mind.

This foot rest offers more height and movement possibilities. Also, there are platform rollers inside to give your feet a massage. Some users, however, have complained that the product is not as strong or as durable. It also makes noises, which may cause embarrassment at work. It does come with a lifetime warranty, which is a good perk.

This foot rest consists of a quality, memory foam product that looks rather nice and provides ample elevation. It feels wonderful on the feet while you are working and you can move your feet too. More stylish and less industrial looking, it could appeal to users with higher aesthetic standards

Cure your back pain

A foot rest is recommended for people who experience back pain or neck and shoulder discomfort while working. There is a well-documented link between these conditions and poor sitting posture at a computer. The way we sit can place enormous pressure on the body and if not done correctly over long periods of time, can actually cause strain and real injury to the body.

While it is not recommended to spend hours sitting at a desk of computer, many of our modern jobs require us to spend long stretches of time in a chair or staring at a screen. Getting up and taking frequent breaks may not always be possible. In such cases, the office environment should be made as comfortable and ergonomic as possible.

This is where a foot rest can make a big difference.