Best Ergonomic Balance Ball Chairs For Posture

Best Ergonomic Balance Ball Chairs For Posture

Best Ergonomic Balance Ball Chairs For Posture

Best Ergonomic Balance Ball Chairs For Posture

If you’re suffering from nagging back pain, there’s a good chance your posture isn’t great.

I wrote an article recently about the health dangers of prolonged sitting.

One thing mentioned is the need for active sitting- which engages your core, burns calories, and helps your posture.

An ergonomic balance ball chair is a great solution for active sitting.

To help you get started, here are some of my favorite balance chairs.

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

  • Features yoga ball and exercise guide for after work fun!
  • Designed to fit a universal height of 5’1-5’11
  • Easy to maneuver wheels
  • Free ball pump for continued use

Topping off our list as the best choice for an ergonomic balance ball chair is the Gaiam chair. The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair is one of the most balanced chairs, which provides you with minimal lower back support while still enabling your core to maintain your balance and posture on the medicine ball. Many buyers say that this ball has helped them to limit back pain!

With a sleek, well-built and simple look the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair also comes with a series of ball colours so you can choose what’s best for you or to match your jobs colour scheme and building design – these will literally become a new component of your office.

The best part: this chair comes with its own pump and an exercise guide to help you make the most of your new balance ball.

What we like

  • Minimal lower back support provides a moderate amount of help from the instability of the balance ball
  • Balance ball is the right size for anyone – reaching your feet to the floor should not be a challenge
  • Easy-glide wheels help to make the balance ball chair highly movable
  • Exercise e-guide is perfect for developing the core strength required to use this ball

What we don’t like

  • Metal bar holding the ball doesn’t seem very strong
  • Some users report the design quality could be better

If you own a physio clinic or any health company your employees will love this!

LuxFit Ball Chair For Home And Office

LuxFit Ball Chair For Home And Office

  • Improves back and core strength
  • May help to prevent spine disorders
  • Large wheels for easy rolling
  • 2-year warranty

A close second, the LuxFit Ball Chair is a well-designed balance ball to help correct posture and allow for long periods of work, limiting back pain. With a simple design featuring a removable yoga ball, you can use this chair for the home and the office. The minimal back support design is perfect for those who have never tried a yoga balance ball chair. The LuxFit Ball Chair also features larger than normal wheels to help move the ball around your home or office workspace.

For those that are on the road, you can deflate the ball and bring your pump with you to your next work location. When you arrive, simply pump it back up and get to work improving your posture and limiting back pain. The LuxFit Ball Chair is one of the only yoga balls for office and home use that features a 2-year warranty and a 2000 pound static ball strength. Choose from one of the three soft colours to help give your home or office space a unique look.

What we like

  • 2-year warranty and 2000 pound limit is perfect for extended work sessions
  • Low-back support is just enough to emphasize strength and stability
  • Yoga ball feels very comfortable and pumps up well
  • High rated on Amazon

What we don’t like

  • Large wheels can still be tricky for getting around
  • Many Amazon reviews claim product design could be stronger
  • Some Amazon reviews report the ball can pop after a few months of use

The LuxFit Ball Chair is a great choice for those that are looking for a ball that provides just the right amount of support and a base design that is strong and sturdy ‒ but keep in mind the ball may need replacing.

You may be asking yourself the question of why would anyone sit on a balance ball chair ‒ they look a bit weird, right? Well, yes, but the benefits of a balance ball chair far outweigh the strange looks you may get from your curious coworkers.

Image via Carly & Art on Flickr

Improve Core Strength
One of the biggest faults of modern chairs is that they put your body into a state of relaxation. To use a balance ball chair you must keep your feet planted and torso upright,  activating your core and leg muscles. These muscles will not only help you to stay more upright, improving posture but they can help you to stay more active throughout the day and limit weight gain.

Relieve Back Pain
Sitting in a traditional chair ‒ especially for long periods of time, you may notice that you start to slouch. This slouching will put excess pressure on your spine and can lead to muscle pain, nerve pain and more. Simply by sitting more upright, with your feet planted on the floor, you will align your spine and help to limit irritating and unnecessary back pain.

Your More Likely to Stand and Stretch
This might be just a coincidence, but those on a balance ball are more likely to move around, stand up and even start stretching ‒ all very important aspects of health. Using a balance ball is a great way to improve your daily activity and stretching routines ‒ plus you’ve got a yoga ball for your lunch break!

Backless vs Back Support: Which One is Better?

You may have seen some balance balls where people have no back support – they’re literally just a ball on the floor. Is this better or worse?

One is not better than the other, they are just different.

While a balance ball with back support, as shown above, are great for beginners and those sitting for long hours, the back support may bring you to start leaning on the back. The design on the back-supported balls also provides a device that helps keep the ball stationary the, not allowing for lateral movement which does not “turn on” the core muscles as much as an isolated ball.

On the other hand, a balance ball with no back support may be difficult to use for long periods of time. Some users have even reported more pain, especially in the hips as they start to use isolated balance balls. It is important that whichever balance ball you choose, to slowly integrate it into your workspace. Try 1-2 hours a day for the first couple of weeks and increase the time as you get more used to the ball.

Vivora Luno Self-Standing Sitting Ball Chair

An isolated balance ball without any back support and a design built to fit any home or workspace. The Vivora Luno ball is great for those who are looking for a unique twist on the balance ball but don’t want the gym design of a Swiss ball.

Gaiam Backless Balance Ball Chair

The little brother of our top choice, the Gaiam Backless Balance Ball Chair carries many of the same qualities. Strong design, easy to maneuver wheels and a more cost-efficient price. This is one of the better backless balance ball chairs.

Isokinetics Inc. Adjustable Fitness Ball Chair

The Isokinetics Inc. Adjustable Fitness Ball Chair is one of the more unique balance balls you can buy. With a design that is universal, adjustable back support and a strong and sturdy ball this is one that should be on your watch list, although the higher price may turn some people away.

Gaiam Kids Balance Ball Chair

For all the parents out there looking after their back health, now you can grab a chair for your kids! The Gaiam Kids Balance Ball Chair is built just like the adult version, with a miniature size. With cute, kid-friendly colours and back support built to strengthen the spine and core, you can be sure your child will complete their homework pain-free.

Safco Products Runtz Ball Chair For Kids

The last and most unique product on the list is the Safco Products Runtz Ball Chair For Kids. This chair contains no wheels, no back support and a design that is built to strengthen the spine of the little ones. Use this in the living room for your kids to go complete homework while strengthening their back and limiting the pain of conventional chairs.