The 11 Best Ergonomic Wheelchair Cushions

The 11 Best Ergonomic Wheelchair Cushions

The 11 Best Ergonomic Wheelchair Cushions

The 11 Best Ergonomic Wheelchair Cushions

An uncomfortable wheelchair is probably the biggest complaint I hear.

And while you may need to consider a new wheelchair, I always recommend trying a wheelchair cushion first.

People who regular use wheelchairs have a high risk of sitting related pain and pressure sores.

In this article, I’ll recommend some cushions that will hopefully relieve some of this pressure and pain.

PURAP Seat Cushion For Wheelchairs

PURAP Seat Cushion For Wheelchairs

  • 3 layered technology.
  • Helps with pressure sores.
  • Eliminates high-pressure hot spots.
  • 250 lbs of weight capacity.

The PURAP seat cushion was made in California with special technology and has undergone clinical trials at Stanford University hospital.

It is 1.5 inches thick and consists of 3 layers that are meant to prevent new pressure sores from forming, heal any pressure sores you already have, and give you comfort while seated.

The top layer is fluid and supports the movement of your body, this prevents the pressure sores from forming, the middle one is filled with air, and the bottom is made with foam for comfort.

This cushion performs well on any type of wheelchair, it doesn’t slide off the seat, and it doesn’t need any straps.

The cover is not machine washable but can easily be cleaned with a wet towel.

What customers are saying

Customers say that this cushion is comfortable, works wonders on the delicate skin of the elderly, and although it takes some time to get used to, it is the most cost-effective way to prevent the breakdown of skin.

What We Like

  • Comfortable.
  • Doesn’t slip & slide.
  • Fits all types of wheelchairs.

What We Don’t Like

  • Takes time to get used to it.

Roho Mosaic Wheelchair Seat Cushion

Roho Mosaic Wheelchair Seat Cushion

  • Inflatable cushion.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Weight capacity 250 lbs.

The Roho Mosaic seat cushion is made of many different cells that are filled with air to provide you with comfort.

The product comes with an air-pump included so you can adjust the amount of air according to your needs. Add more air to make the seat firmer or deflate it for a softer feel.

The rule of thumb is to make a fist and push it down with ease until you hit the bottom. If you feel a lot of resistance you’ve pumped too much air.

There are also two covers included with this purchase, a lycra cover and a heavy-duty waterproof cover. The price tag might seem a bit high, but according to customers, it is well worth it.

What We Like

  • Comfortable cushion.
  • The level of firmness can be adjusted.
  • Good quality.

What We Don’t Like

  • The price tag is a bit high.

Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Seat Cushion

  • Gel-infused memory foam.
  • Ergonomically contoured design.
  • Ventilated for cooling.
  • Helps with pain.

If you need both a seat and backrest cushion, take a look at this Everlasting memory foam combo.

Both of them were made with gel-infused memory foam which lasts longer than standard foam.

The seat has a rubber bottom that sticks to the wheelchair and the backrest cushion comes with 2 feet long straps that you can attach to any point of your backrest.

Both cushions have holes that will keep you cool, and the U-shaped design on the seat cushion helps alleviate sitting related pain. The cover is machine washable and should last you a long time.

What customers are saying

Make sure the sizing is correct when ordering, as a few customers have ended up with a cushion that was a bit small. Some customers also found this seat cushion too firm for their taste.

What We Like

  • Supportive and comfortable.
  • 2 straps for added support.
  • Great for coccyx and sciatica.

What We Don’t Like

  • Stiffer than expected.

ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion

ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion

  • Memory foam and cooling gel cushion.
  • Ergonomic U-design.
  • Provides pain relief.

The ComfiLife cushion was made with durable memory foam that’s 2.8’’ thick and has a gel layer on top making it well suited for everyday comfort.

The gel layer has 2 functions- it keeps the cushion cool and helps the foam retain its shape better.

With that being said it seems that this cushion will be great only for people that weigh 150 lbs or less.

Users that weigh over that threshold or use it for a longer period of time have complained that it tends to flatten out.

What We Like

  • Cooling gel layer.
  • Relieves pressure of the tailbone.

What We Don’t Like

  • Tends to flatten out.

MobiCushion Alternating Pressure Cushion

MobiCushion Alternating Pressure Cushion

  • Lightweight & durable.
  • 5 levels of comfort.
  • Battery-powered controller.
  • Weight capacity 264 lbs.

The MobiCushion was made primarily to help wheelchair-bound users that have difficulty with mobility and pressure sores but it is also very helpful for the elderly that have fragile skin.

It consists of a thick foam base and 4 air cells that run on Lithium-ion batteries and provide alternating airflow.

This change of pressure helps increase your blood flow and stimulates your muscles. You’ll also be able to choose between 5 levels of seating comfort, ranging from firm to soft.

If you choose the 15-minute cycle, the cushion will run for at least 10 hours before it needs to recharge. On shorter cycles, it might run out faster.

After 1-2 years of use, you might notice a drop in power where the battery lasts up to 6 hours.

Included in the package you get a machine washable waterproof cover, pump, battery, and a charger.

What customers are saying

The MobiCushion is a game-changer for most customers, as it truly helps with pain and sores. The only real downside we could find is its high price range.

What We Like

  • Specifically designed for wheelchairs.
  • Alternating air cycle.
  • Long-lasting battery.

What We Don’t Like

  • High price-range.

Roho Quadtro Select High Profile Seating Cushion

The Roho Quadtro seating cushion will adjust to your body type and weight. It is divided into 4 quadrants and each has air cells inside.

Its primary function is to protect you from any pressure-related injuries as it follows your body while you move. However, it will also help alleviate those symptoms if you already suffer from them.

Included in this package is a comfortable and durable cushion, a cover, and a pump to regulate the size of your Roho Quadtro.

Most people that got this product advise refilling the air pressure once a week.

Everest & Jennings Dura-Gel SPP Wheelchair Cushion

The way this product is structured reminds us of high-end sleeping mattresses.

The base of the cushion contains medium density foam, the middle has a gel core for a cooling effect and the top layer has memory foam.

This product was made in the US by the same company that invented the folding wheelchair.

It seems that they understand where the trouble-causing pressure points are and have placed the gel in those areas.

The cushion also comes with a strap in the back for safety and will hold up to 350 lbs of weight.

FOMI Premium Firm All Gel Orthopedic Seat Cushion Pad

The unique FOMI gel design will keep your behind cool by increasing air circulation. It was made to relieve any pressure points and it works by spreading out the weight of the user.

It doesn’t flatten out since the medical-grade gel is durable and retains its shape for a long time. It helps regardless of where you sit and makes a huge difference.

The FOMI cushion also comes with a cushion cover and a beaded grip in the back that will help prevent any slipping.

You even get an integrated carry handle that’s super-efficient for transporting. This beats handling a bulky cushion any day of the week.

ERGO21 Liquicell Sports Cushion

The ERGO21 Liquicell has a patent-pending design that includes 4 membranes filled with liquid that are supposed to increase blood flow and reduce pressure.

The model also includes a high resilience foam that makes sitting more comfortable.

This company has different models for different purposes, like ERGO21 travel for sensitive skin, or the 1-inch travel cushion for taller people.

The Liquicell cushion is recommended for people that have sitting related issues, unresolved back pain, sciatica, etc.

This model comes with a carry handle and 4 available sizes and was designed and made in the US.

It does not come with a machine washable cover, you can clean it by wiping it with a wet towel.

People that purchased this cushion say it provides 12+ hours of comfort.

Invacare EC08 Absolute Wheelchair Cushion

The Invacare cushion comes with a simple design that is contoured and features curved edges for comfort.

It’s made from molded foam for wheelchair users that can shift their own weight. Its primary function is to assist people with hip issues.

It is pretty comfortable and has the right balance between soft and firm. Most people end up using it all day without feeling sore.

It comes with a machine washable cover, but it is not waterproof. When you decide to use it make sure you position the front and the rear correctly for maximum comfort.

Comfort Company Curve Cushion

We really liked the name of this cushion and feel it represents the true essence of the product. The cushion is made of high-density molded foam.

It is very comfortable and it’s curved well to provide pressure and pain relief. The cover is breathable and waterproof.

The brand behind the product is called ‘The Comfort Company’ and they test their cushions rigorously before releasing them to the market.

Molded foam cushion

This type of cushion is usually quite supportive and comfortable for users. People say it feels comfortable and being lightweight is an extra bonus.

When getting a molded foam cushion it is important to get 2 at once.

This way when the first one gets flat (usually within 6 months) you can store it away with the zipper open and let it expand back to size.

This is a great feature of the foam cushion, and it’s a shame some users end up throwing them away as soon as they ‘flatten out’.

Some companies also use high-density foam that can be shaped to better follow the body curves of the user.

Memory Foam Cushion

Memory foam is known for its ability to mold into your shape, which is good for short-term comfort, but would not give you enough support for prolonged use.

Sometimes the manufacturers layer it with gel and molded foam to create a more compact product.

Gel Cushion

There are cushions on the market that are made exclusively with gel and there are others that are layered with foam.

The gel has a cooling effect and is recommended for people living in warmer climates.

Liquid/Air Cushion

This type comes with cells that are filled either with liquid or air or a combination of both.

You can adjust this type of cushion to your desired level of firmness by adding or subtracting air, manufacturers usually include a pump in the package.

Hybrid Cushions

This type of cushion combines two or more materials that work together to create a superior cushion and fulfill more than one type of need.

They can be integrated or fused together like the Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Seat Cushion that was made of gel-infused memory foam, or they can be layered on top of each other like the PURAP Seat Cushion For Wheelchairs.

Be sure you refer to our product reviews to find the best wheelchair cushion for you.

Before getting your cushion, take a good look at the design and ask yourself if it looks comfortable to you.

After all, you will spend a lot of time sitting on it, so you might as well invest in the most comfortable option available for your needs.

Level of comfort

Some users like firmer seats, others need softer ones for sensitive skin.

When in doubt go through our ‘types of cushions’ section and find the best option for you.

What you need

Some cushions were made to alleviate or prevent pressure sores, and this can be accomplished both by using the correct materials and by creating a smart design.

Also, if you have an issue with your knees you might want to choose a thicker seat. Getting up from a higher point will be easier and won’t put so much pressure on your knees.

On the other hand, if you plan on using it in your car you will have to consider the added height so you can fit inside.

Some designs even provide relief to certain pressure points so keep that in mind when going through your options.