10 Best Rolling Shop Stools

10 Best Rolling Shop Stools

10 Best Rolling Shop Stools

10 Best Rolling Shop Stools

If you’re spending lots of time sitting in a garage or shop, it’s definitely worth investing in an ergonomic rolling shop stool.

In this review, you’ll find my recommended list of shop stools on the market.

I’ll also mention some important features to consider before making a purchase.

Powerbuilt Pro Height Adjustable Rolling Seat Stool

Powerbuilt Pro Height Adjustable Rolling Seat Stool

  • Made with steel and nylon
  • Height range of 8’’
  • Five 2’’ skate wheels
  • Maximum weight capacity 300 lbs

If you’re looking for a durable stool that has an excellent height range and rolls, we suggest checking out this Powerbuilt model.

The base on this stool was made from steel and nylon composite with industrial strength that will hold a whopping 300 lbs. The seat is 14” wide and can be adjusted from 21’’ to 29’’ off the ground.

With regards to comfort, the cushion on this stool is 3’’ thick, which is nice, but the comfort won’t last long. The foam inside the cushion is good for 2-3 hours and after that, it gets uncomfortable.

We really liked this chair because of its 2’’ ball-bearing skate wheels that perform well, both on hard surfaces and carpets. If you’ve got mats on the floor it will roll over them without issues.

The assembly process is easy for this one and should take you around 10 minutes.


  • Wide seat
  • 3’’ thick cushion
  • Great height range


  • Not comfortable for longer hours

Traxion ProGear Mobile Rolling Gear Seat

Traxion ProGear Mobile Rolling Gear Seat

  • Five 5’’ all-terrain casters
  • Racing seat
  • Maximum weight capacity 400 lbs

This Traxion rolling stool comes with a peculiar design that has solved the storage issues of many. The manufacturer decided to put a storage compartment inside the footrest, and it works!

Its racing inspired seat is comfortable, especially due to the backrest that allows you to lean in.

The minimal height is only 13’’ off the ground, which is a lot lower than most models on the market.

The maximum height is 17.5’’, meaning you can also use this stool with a work desk.


With regards to comfort, people generally like this stool. It is stable and its large base prevents it from tipping over. The only thing to be mindful of is the stool slipping while you’re bending forward.

Another unique feature is the 5’’ casters that will roll over all types of terrain, as well as cords and hoses. They are made from molded ribbed plastic.


  • Great for working close to the floor
  • Tool storage inside the footrest
  • Comfortable for longer hours


  • Weak stitching job on the seat

Dewalt Padded Rolling Garage Stool

Dewalt Padded Rolling Garage Stool

  • Frame made of steel
  • Casters and feet included
  • Maximum weight capacity 300 lbs

Dewalt is well-known for producing quality pieces of equipment, and this practical stool is no different. It’s designed to be sturdy and to draw attention to the recognizable black and yellows.

We chose this as the best heavy-duty shop stool because it’s built to be strong and durable. With regards to comfort, you get a 15.75’’ wide seat with a low backrest and some good padding.

The stool can be adjusted for height from 22.5’’ to 26.7’’ off the ground and it doesn’t sink in. It can also hold up to 300 lbs of weight without any issues.


What we really liked about this model is the option to choose between 5 rolling casters and nylon feet that are included in the package.

The casters are made with a thermoplastic rubber coating, which has great tear-resistance and acts as both rubber and plastic.

They do well on flat surfaces but for any other terrain, you’d need to upgrade to bigger wheels. The Dewalt stool comes pre-assembled; you’ll only need to attach the seat and the pneumatic cylinder.


  • Well-built seat
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Storage shelf


  • Casters perform well on flat surfaces only

Oem Tools Rolling Mechanics Creeper Seat

Oem Tools Rolling Mechanics Creeper Seat

  • Height fixed to 16.68’’
  • 2 sliding drawers & under-seat storage
  • 3 can holders
  • Maximum weight capacity of 280 lbs

If you need a comfortable and durable seating option for your repair shop, we suggest looking into this one. It looks great with practical drawers and can holders, but it does have some limitations.

The seat on this model is pretty cushy with 2’’ thick padding. It’s made to provide comfort while you’re working in the shop.

On the negative side, the seat can’t be adjusted for height, it’s fixed at 16.68’’ off the ground, and has vinyl upholstery. Vinyl is easy to maintain but tends to stay warm, so keep that in mind.

The feature that really drew our attention was the amount of storage space on this tiny stool. You get 2 sliding drawers, one is 11’’ long and the other 9.6’’.

You also get space underneath the seat with 3 can holders that can be used for standard-sized cans, paint, WD40, beer, etc.


  • Built to last
  • Comfortable for longer hours
  • Lots of storage space


  • Can’t be adjusted for height

Wen Pneumatic Rolling Mechanic Stool

Wen Pneumatic Rolling Mechanic Stool

  • Height-adjustable seat
  • Multilayered padding
  • Storage compartment

This budget friendly stool is height adjustable from 15’’ to 20’’ off the floor, which is the standard for most garage stools. The padding on the 11’5’’ wide seat is multilayered and wrapped in vinyl.

We have to say that the cushion is pretty thin (1.5’’ thick), but should be comfortable for 2-3 hours.

Just like some of the more expensive models on our list, the Wen stool offers storage underneath the seat. It is 15’’ long and functions well.

This model comes with 5 swivel casters that are 2.5’’ in diameter. Be careful with them (or switch to locking wheels) because these casters coupled with the slick vinyl seat might send you flying.

Weight capacity

The frame is made of steel and should withstand 300 lbs of weight but in reality, that number is closer to 200 lbs.

Overall, if you have access to a welder, get this chair, reinforce the seat, and you’ll be a happy camper. Otherwise, the quality of this product reflects its price, meaning it will last for 3-6 months.


  • Budget-friendly price
  • Adjustable for height
  • Cincinnati Bengals colors


  • Needs some welding work

Powerbuilt Heavy Duty Mechanics Seat & Brake Stool

The Seat & Brake stool is definitely built to last. The frame is made from steel and covered with plastic for extra protection from elements. It will hold 300 lbs of weight without any issues.

What we really liked about this model is its 4’’ rubber coated ball-bearing wheels that glide smoothly over most surfaces. Another great thing is its storage capacity.

You get a pull-out drawer and 2 removable trays where you can place all your essentials while you work. The seat on this model is actually a bench that is 18’’ long and 10’’ wide.

The bench features a concave shape that will protect you from sliding, which is genius. The only thing missing, according to some customers, were some bolts in the package.

Mayakoba Dayton Garage Rolling Seat

If you need a rolling shop stool that looks like a proper chair, this Dayton model from Mayakoba is worth looking into. This is a low-sitting model that can be adjusted from 13’’ to 15’’ off the floor.

2’’ of wiggle room is not much to look forward to, but most people say that this is the perfect range for garage work. The seat is 15’’ wide and padded with memory foam.

Coupled with the ergonomic backrest it provides a more than decent sitting experience.

The wheels are marketed as “easy to roll about” but the truth is they are standard office chair wheels that only perform well on flat surfaces. The stool’s weight capacity is set to 250 lbs.

Dale Adams Tail Bone Rough Rider Mechanic's Stool

We have to say we were pretty impressed by the Tail Bone Rough Rider’s design. The first thing that draws your attention is its ergonomic molded seat that is roomy and feels comfortable to sit in.

It is positioned 13’’ off the ground and cannot be adjusted for height. What really sets this model apart from the rest are its 5.375’’ wheels that perform like a beast on all terrains.

In a way, this little stool has the potential to turn your work into a pleasurable experience. You can even use it outdoors with 1.75’’ of ground clearance.

You also get a lifetime warranty for the wheels, and 1 year for the body if you’re the first owner.

Craftsman Adjustable Height Rolling Creeper Stool

The design of the Craftsman creeper stool looks a lot like the Wen model featured on our list. Both of them are made from steel with a vinyl padded seat that supports up to 300 lbs.

Even the storage tray and the 11.5’’ seat are completely identical, as well as its 2.5’’ wheels. The major difference that sets the Craftsman apart is its better quality and overall experience.

People that bought this stool are extremely happy with its performance and use it daily. The only improvement they’d like to see is a thicker seat cushion.

To be completely fair, this model also comes with a higher price, compared to the Wen model.

Pitstop Black Rolling Garage Stool

If you’re a car racing fan, you might find the design of this stool very attractive. It comes with a decorative suspension spring, 3 colors to choose from, and a shift knob to adjust its height.

Its upholstery comes in black, blue, or red leatherette depending on your choice. The seat is 14.25’’ wide and you can adjust it, from 19.5’’ to 25.5’’ off the floor, which is a bar stool height.

To adjust the height you will use a billet knob that looks like the gear selector in a car. The wheels that come with this model are plastic and they clip on the legs of the stool.

Most people say they’re great, and only a few wanted to change them for something else. Overall, people that got this stool think it is a good bargain, especially due to its large comfy seat.

Every proper rolling shop stool must have certain features to be considered a good buy. This includes the quality of its build, the materials used, and its durability.

Aside from these standards, you’d also want to consider the following features that depend on your personal needs.


One of the main features that most of the chairs on our list had was the height adjustable option.

Some (13’’ – 15’’ of height) stools will be good for jobs closer to the ground, while others (17’’ – 21’’) will be suitable for desk work.

We also saw stools that have a fixed height. If that’s what you want, make sure you take your measurements to confirm that it fits your needs.


This is one of the golden standards when it comes to rolling shop stools (or anything else).

One way to make sure you get a durable product is to buy from reputable brand names that have a proven track record. Also, take a look at the materials being used, and customer experiences.

Weight capacity

Most descriptions on the market are very generous with their maximum weight capacity. If you’re not buying from a well-known source always deduct at least 50 lbs from their stated number.

It’s important to get this right because you do not want to experience the stool breaking under you.

Seat comfort

This feature is usually overlooked because the focus falls on the design and durability potential, but having a comfy seat will really make a huge difference, especially if you need to work long hours.

There are many different foams and layers to choose from, but in our experience, if you’re shopping online, always check how other customers felt about the comfort of a certain seat.

Some like the firm side, while others expect it to be cushy. In the end, the best rolling shop stool can not be perfect for everyone, but it should be perfect for you.