The 11 Best Random Orbital Sanders

The 11 Best Random Orbital Sanders

The 11 Best Random Orbital Sanders

The 11 Best Random Orbital Sanders

A random orbital sander performs a circular motion and is perfect for ultra smooth sanding jobs.

They can be used on metal, wood, or plastic and is suitable for completing various tasks.

In this article, I’ll recommend some of the best sanders on the market and give you some advice about how to choose the right one for you.

Dewalt 20V Max Orbital Sander

Dewalt 20V Max Orbital Sander

  • 20V Dewalt orbital sander with brushless motor for optimal runtime and performance
  • Variable speed regulation from 8000 to 12000 OPM
  • Optimal height for advanced precision
  • Adjustable 8 hole hook along with a loop sanding pad for fast and easy paper swop outs
  • Sealed switch for prolonged switch life and protection against dust

This 20V Orbital Sander is equipped with a 2A battery, delivering optimal runtime and power. This will help you finish every job quickly and efficiently.

The unit features variable speed from 8000 to 12000 OPM, perfect for completing various projects. Its one hand locking bag collects dust easily and securely attaches to the sander.

You can also enjoy comfortable sanding with the specially designed rubber overmolded grip, and paper swap outs are super easy with the adjustable hook & loop feature.

What customers are saying

Most customers gave this sander great reviews, commenting on its user friendliness, lightweight design, and powerful operation.

However, some customers were disappointed with the battery runtime and power output.

Dynabrade Random Orbital Sander

Dynabrade Random Orbital Sander

  • Durable composite rotor with superior lubricating abilities
  • Suitable for contoured and vertical sanding tasks
  • The rotor is equipped with five blades for maximum power
  • Includes a triple sealed dual row balancer bearing for durability and less maintenance
  • Ergonomic grip for enhanced comfort

The Dynabrade Orbital Sander features an innovative design and is known as one of the best quality abrasive tools on the market.

This tool can be used for vertical or contoured sanding jobs and its lightweight design, plus ergonomic grip, makes it exceptionally comfortable to use.

The rotor is equipped with 5 blades to provide access to maximum power, and maintenance is a breeze with the dual row balancer bearing which is triple sealed to last for a long time.

This sanding machine even has advanced vacuum abilities and power, so you will definitely not go wrong when choosing it.

What customers are saying

This sander received outstanding reviews, with customers saying it’s incredibly easy to use, has excellent performance, and provides great quality for the price.

Bosch Dual-Mode Random Orbit Sander

Bosch Dual-Mode Random Orbit Sander

  • Variable speed of 290 to 640 revs per minute (no load)
  • Orbit speed of 3300 to 7300 orbits per minute
  • Multifunctional use for different applications
  • Pad system with multiple holes for different abrasive discs
  • Compatible with various types of hoses
  • Integrated dust port
  • Die cast aluminum gear housing with double bearing pad for less vibration

The Bosch Orbit Sander features an ergonomic design with 5 different functions and dual mode that enables you to remove even the toughest of stock.

The turbo mode can deliver 3 times the removal level of a standard random orbit sander.

The unit also features a tapered soft grip design and an auxiliary handle that can be attached to the sander for advanced control while working.

You can use various discs thanks to the pad system with multiple holes, and the integrated dust port can connect to various types of hoses.

What customers are saying

The majority of people who bought this sander, love it. Many of them have commented on its powerful operation, durable design, compact size, and overall quality.

Still, some customers had issues with the replacement pads not being available, rendering the tool useless.

Bosch Random Palm Sander

Bosch Random Palm Sander

  • Pad dampening mechanism for eliminating swirl effects on contoured and flat areas
  • Straightforward disc replacements with the hook and loop device
  • Variable speed regulation of 7500 to 12000 orbits per minute (no load)
  • 5A motor
  • Compact microfiltration system to collect dust particles as tiny as ½ micron with dust level display

The Bosch Orbit Sander delivers a smooth and even finish. The tool is specially engineered for making finishing tasks mess free and comfortable.

This unit is ideal for cabinet makers and carpenters who need to perform their tasks fast and according to precise standards without leaving any swirl marks.

The variable speed feature allows you to adjust the speed to match the task and the onboard dust removal system is excellent for filtering even the finest dust particles.

Included in the package is a sanding pad, dampening ring, dust canister, sanding disc, vacuum adapter, and carry case.

What customers are saying

This sander received excellent reviews with the majority of customers commenting on its superior performance, affordability, and reliability. Many of them also loved the dust removal system.

Still, some customers complained that the filter cartridge did not collect the dust.

ZFE Mini Air Sander

ZFE Mini Air Sander

  • Superior quality random orbital sander
  • Compatible with various types and sized polishing pads
  • Low vibration level and energy efficient
  • Easy to operate
  • Delivers 15000 revs per minute
  • ZFE air polisher with dual rotation for smooth and even results
  • Easy sanding pad swop outs with hook and loop mechanism

The ZFE Mini Sander Kit comes with impressive features and various accessories.

The unit is compatible with various types of sanding discs and pads, enabling you to select a sanding pad that is best suited to the job.

This mini sander is energy efficient at only 15000 revs per minute, features a low vibration level for easy operation and advanced efficiency.

It’s the perfect little tool for sanding, deburring furniture, polishing automotive or detailing work, removal of solder joints or rust spots, and mold manufacturing.

What customers are saying

This unit received plenty of five star reviews, with most customers commending its easy pad changes, affordability, speed control, and overall value for money.

However, some customers complained that their units stopped working after only a few uses, and some were disappointed that there were no instructions on how to change the pads.

Skil 5” Random Orbital Sander

Skil 5” Random Orbital Sander

  • 8A motor that delivers 13 000 orbits per minute
  • Easy to clean dust compartment
  • X-flow dust collection device using cyclone action for dust removal
  • Variable speed regulation of 7000 to 13000 OPM
  • Less vibration and a soft rubber handle to eliminate user fatigue
  • Can be used in confined spaces due to its lightweight and compact design
  • Easy to change pads and attachments

The Skil Random Orbital Sander comes with a powerful 2.8A motor that delivers 13 000 orbits per minute, leaving you with a smooth result.

The unit is suitable for various sanding tasks and the x-flow dust collection system makes use of a cyclone action to effectively collect dust.

This model also has a variable speed regulation that lets you easily adjust the speed for the task.

You can remain comfortable while working with its soft rubber handle and counterweight balance that eliminates user fatigue.

You can even sand in hard to reach spaces thanks to its ergonomic and lightweight design.

What customers are saying

Customers gave this sander excellent reviews. They were most happy with its efficiency, dust collection capabilities, user friendly operation, and straightforward pad replacement.

Some customers, however, complained that the dust canister kept coming off.

Makita 5” Random Orbit Sander

The Makita Orbit Sander is equipped with a 3A motor for quick and smooth sanding at 12000 OPM. The rubber grip eliminates user fatigue and ensures you remain comfortable while working.

The unit also features a unique pad regulation system that enables you to control the pad speed when you start the machine.

You can keep your work area dust free with its efficient dust collection mechanism, and the dust sealed switch lowers contamination.

Pad changes are effortless with the hook and loop mechanism.

Ryobi P411 One+ Random Orbit Power Sander

The Ryobi Cordless Orbital Sander delivers 10000 OPM, making it perfect for various polishing and sanding jobs. The hook and loop system is ideal for easy pad replacement and convenience.

You can enjoy reduced vibration and user fatigue with its ergonomic rubber grip, plus keep your work area dust free with the attached dust bag that effectively removes shavings while you work.

Chicago Pneumatic Mini Random Orbital Sander Kit

The Chicago Orbit Sander Kit features a convenient lightweight design with many ergonomic features, resulting in less user fatigue while working.

Its adjustable power controller and forward thinking throttle allow you to work faster and get the job done with ease.

This unit is ideal for repairs in small areas, and the silent handle exhaust allows air to flow away from the work surface.

Porter-Cable Random Orbit Sander

The Porter-Cable Orbit Sander features a 4.5A motor with an electronic variable speed of 2500 to 6800 orbits per minute.

It produces sanding and polishing effects with no swirls and comes with a 6” counterbalance so you can use the sander with 6” pads.

You can use 5/16 – 24 spindle thread fixtures, and the dual position side handle can be attached to either side for advanced control and comfort.

Worx WX820L 20V Multi-Sander

The Worx Multi-Sander does the work of 5 sanders in one. You can contour, orbit, finish, finger sand, and even detail with this nifty device.

It has a no-tool pad changing system that not only makes the pad changes effortless but also ensures the bases remain intact while working.

This model’s unique mode max technology provides full power when sanding in any configuration, and the substantial orbital radius removes debris for even the toughest jobs.

Other features include dust filters for removing finer dust and variable speed regulation to match the job at hand.

The difference between random and orbital sanders lies in the movement. While an orbital sander has a circular motion only, a random orbital sander can move forward and backward as well.

With these two separate movements, almost no swirl effects are left on the material.

Corded vs cordless

Corded sanders are a top choice if you need one for extended use. Cordless models usually feature lithium-ion batteries that are designed to charge quickly and do not have a memory effect.

However, cordless sanders are less common than corded ones. When choosing a unit, check for a high ampere-hour rating for extended battery life and high voltage.


A pneumatic sander is an excellent choice because it’s an extremely resilient machine that can handle much larger workloads.

These machines also have a lightweight and compact design for controlled handling plus comfort.

They also create a safer work environment without short circuits or flying chips. This can be incredibly useful in work areas where varnished pieces are chemically finished or sanded.

Disc size

Sanding discs are an essential consideration because they do the heavy lifting. There are loads of different sizes and types of sanding discs that are suitable for various applications.

It’s vital that you get the correct type and size for each job, as choosing the wrong disc could result in damage to the workpiece or a poor quality finish.

Speed variations

Speed variations are incredibly useful as well since lower speeds are ideal for finishing jobs or working with metal or hardwoods, and higher speeds are better for rough sanding jobs.

Variable speed allows you to adjust the speed to match the project you are working on every time.

Dust collection

Most sanders have onboard dust collection systems nowadays. This is a convenient feature since it leaves your work area relatively clean with less to no dust.

Sanders that feature dirt collection usually have suction openings built inside a sanding pad to collect the dust generated while sanding.

The dust is then transported to a dust bag or cylinder which is attached to the unit. Some designs allow you to connect the sander to a vacuum pipe for even better dust collection aptitude.