The 11 Best Scroll Saws For Precision Cutting

The 11 Best Scroll Saws For Precision Cutting

The 11 Best Scroll Saws For Precision Cutting

The 11 Best Scroll Saws For Precision Cutting

For those needing precision and angled cuts for intricate projects, a scroll saw is the right cutting tool.

But which scroll saw should you choose?

Ultimately this will come down to your specific needs, skill level, and budget.

In this review, I will give you my list of recommended scroll saws available.

I will also point out some important features to pay attention to.

Dewalt Variable-Speed Scroll Saw

Dewalt Variable-Speed Scroll Saw

  • Dual-parallel linked arm for noise, vibration reduction, and precise cuts
  • Unique tool-free clamps for easy blade swop-out
  • 2” cutting depth
  • On/off switch
  • Digital speed adjustability
  • Dust blower
  • Lever for blade tension adjustment
  • Pivots for curbing arm movement and operating quietly

This Dewalt Scroll Saw runs smoothly and softly for precision and features a tool-free blade clamp that enables you to swap out blades easily.

This saw has various standout features such as the dust blower arm lift, saw settings, and power on/off switch for straightforward adjustment.

The large cast-iron workspace offers material support which can bevel to the left or right at 45°.

The dual-parallel linked arm substantially lowers noise levels and vibrations while working for precise cuts.

What customers are saying

This saw received mostly 5-star reviews with customers loving the quiet operation, easy blade changes, and the foot pedal that stops the machine when you take your foot off.

Delta Power Tools Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Delta Power Tools Variable Speed Scroll Saw

  • Digital speed adjustments from 400-1750 SPM with various cutting applications
  • Double-parallel linked arm for reduced noise and vibration and precise cutting
  • Tool-free clamp for effortless changing of the blade
  • Bevel adjustment from 0-45°
  • On/off switch
  • Dust blower
  • Lever for adjusting blade tension
  • On-board storage space for keeping blades organized
  • 3A motor

The Delta Power Tools Scroll Saw comes with an on/off switch, dust blower, blade-tensioning lever, and digital speed adjusting dial

The upper arm can be lifted and locked in an elevated stance while doing quick blade changes, and the tool-free blade adjusting feature helps with quick blade swop-outs and adjustments.

The parallel-linked arm is an incredibly useful feature as it keeps the blade upright against the work area and prevents under or overcutting. This also substantially reduces noise and vibration levels.

What customers are saying

This saw received excellent reviews with most people commenting on how well-made it is as well as its affordable price, quiet operation, and straightforward blade changes.

Excalibur 16” Variable Speed Woodworking Scroll Saw

Excalibur 16” Variable Speed Woodworking Scroll Saw

  • Unique tilting head that can adjust from 30-45°for enhanced control and accurate cuts
  • Built-in lower and upper blade guard for protection
  • Switch protection mechanism to avoid accidental start-up
  • Adjustable blade mounting
  • Expanded table area
  • Weighs 56 lbs
  • Voltage – 120V
  • Watts – 156W

The Excalibur Scroll Saw comes with an expanded tabletop which makes it easy to do larger projects and cut any type of material needed.

Other standout features that make this saw a must-have, is its unique 30-45° tilting head, built-in lower and higher blade guard, adjustable mounting, and quick blade changes.

The unit also features a switch protection mechanism that protects against accidental start-up. All in all, this saw is an excellent buy and our top choice for woodworking.

What customers are saying

This saw received rave reviews. Customers were mostly happy with its easy setup, quiet operation, well-made construction, and quick, effortless blade changes.

Still, a few customers received damaged or malfunctioning machines or units with damaged components.

Dremel MS20-01 Compact Scroll Saw Kit

Dremel MS20-01 Compact Scroll Saw Kit

  • Adapter for the dust port
  • Automatic tension device for changing accessories and advanced blade tensioning
  • Adjustable cooping function for portable use
  • Adjustable speed control to cut into various materials
  • Quick-clamp base that attaches to different surfaces
  • Guide locking levers sold separately

The Dremel Scroll Saw Kit helps you make detailed cuts into various materials, such as wood, laminate, plastic, and metal.

You can use the saw detached from its base so it doubles up as a portable motor-driven coping saw, or you can use it stationary as a scroll saw.

The fast clamp base is versatile and can attach to any surface, table, or workbench, and the automatic quick tension change feature holds the blade perfectly taut when you need to cut.

The scroll saw comes with various blades that you can use for different applications.

If you are looking for a scroll saw that is portable, easy to operate, easy to store, and is equipped with a tool-free device for straightforward blade changes, this saw ticks all the boxes.

What customers are saying

The majority of people who bought this saw gave it excellent reviews. They loved that it is easy to set up, user-friendly, durably built, and made of high quality.

But, some customers felt that the saw is perfect for smaller jobs but not good enough for larger jobs.

ShopSeries Scroll Saw With Variable Speed Control

ShopSeries Scroll Saw With Variable Speed Control

  • Suitable for various woodworking projects
  • Lightweight design
  • Die-cast tabletop with a bevel capacity of 0-45°
  • Comes with 2 blades
  • Blade throat depth: 16”
  • Cutting depth: 21/2”
  • Variable speed regulation with a ⅘” stroke
  • 2-year restricted warranty

The ShopSeries 16” Scroll Saw has a 1.2A motor, which makes it the perfect saw for various woodworking projects like making joints, complex cuts, and curves.

Its variable speed regulation and a ¾” stroke make it easier to produce precise cutes. The worktable of die-cast aluminum bevels from 0-45° for accuracy.

Included in your purchase are 2 strong 5” tungsten carbide blades that have a 16” throat depth cut with a 2” cutting capacity at 90°, as well as 1-3/16” at 45°.

Keep your blades organized and protected against damage with the handy storage area on-board.

What customers are saying

This scroll saw received excellent ratings with customers saying that the machine is well-built, easy to operate, and delivers precise cuts.

Two common issues that customers had was the vibration of the machine and the shoe being too flimsy.

WEN 3921 Two-Direction Variable Speed Scroll Saw

WEN 3921 Two-Direction Variable Speed Scroll Saw

  • Accepts blades in either standard or 90°, thus permitting endless ripping capacity
  • Large table with bevel up to 45°, perfect for angled cuts
  • Variable speed regulation from 400-1600 strokes a minute
  • Cutting throat depth: 16” in normal position
  • Can cut up to 2” thick wooden pieces
  • Thumbscrew blade adapter to change blades without tools
  • Cast iron blade
  • Air pump and foot lock clamp
  • Also includes a dust port, three blades, and flexible light

The WEN Scroll Saw has an expanded beveling table with a depth of 16” for cutting through bulky workpieces and beveling up to 45°.

The variable speed regulation can be adjusted from 550-1600 strokes a minute by simply turning a knob. Irrespective of whether you prefer pinless or pinned blades, this nifty saw can handle either.

Another convenient feature is the flexible worm light that can be moved and adjusted to illuminate your workpieces, no matter what size or shape they are.

What customers are saying

Customers loved this scroll saw and had nothing but praise for its easy setup, solid build, functional design, and quick blade changes.

The biggest issue customers had was the vibration of the unit and it not being steady.

Jet Scroll Saw Base Mach With Switch

The Jet Scroll Saw has a combination of superior features with a considerate and forward-thinking design.

The blade changing is quick and easy with the unique upper device clamps and tensions. It only takes a single step.

It also has a throat depth capacity of 22” and you will love that the arm is tiltable up to 40° left as well as 45° to the right.

The saw is created for the best scrolling experience and is a great option to consider.

Dewalt DW788 Scroll Saw With Scroll-Saw Stand

The Dewalt DW788 Scroll Saw features a dual-parallel linked arm for substantial noise and vibration reduction as well as precise cuts every time.

The unique tool-free clamps, digital variable speed regulation, on/off switch, blade-tension adjustability, and dust blower makes this a must-have item in your arsenal of woodworking tools.

You can enjoy superb material support with the extra-large table of cast iron that can bevel up to 45°.

Skil 3335-07 16” Scroll Saw With Light

This 16” scroll saw is an excellent choice for woodworking enthusiasts.

It includes many valuable features like variable speed regulation for cutting different types of material, 16” throat depth, and table tilting of 0-45°.

With this saw, you’ll be able to produce precise and accurate cuts every time. The unit also features a dust port for keeping your workspace neat and free from dust.

King Industrial 16 Inch Scroll Saw

This industrial scroll saw is an ideal option for those who need a powerful saw that can work continuously and comes with unique features.

It has a classic design that offers a solid platform for cutting materials at an angle or straight.

The saw also has a unique tilting head that is adjustable 30° to the left and 45° right. The durable lower and upper arms ensure the blade runs straight with almost no deflection.

It’s easy to understand why this saw is among the most popular scroll saws available.

Hegner 22” Variable Speed Scroll Saw

The Hegner scroll saw has a massive 22” capacity, enabling it to handle almost any job size.

The saw is equipped with a unique quick-lock tension release device for making inside cuts and fretwork a walk in the park.

This saw also features a 400-1700 RPM motor with variable speed settings, a double-slotted table, and other impressive features that make it an excellent choice.

Scroll saws are very alike to bandsaws. With both, the wood is pushed against the saw blade to enable a specific cut. The difference lies in the type of blade they are using.

A band saw features a blade with an ongoing loop, while a scroll saw’s blade is reciprocating. With a reciprocating blade, you can get a more accurate and precise cut.


The majority of scroll saw models offer variable speeds. It is a useful option to have since it allows you to customize your work and expertise to the pace of the scroll saw.

When just starting, you can choose the low setting. Then, when you have grown more accustomed to it, you can turn up the speed to a higher setting.


When you are cutting plastic, metal, or thin wood, the blade size is not going to make a huge difference.

If you are planning on cutting material of 10 to 20” thick, you must check if the saw you are planning on buying will be able to handle it. This is usually called the throat depth or throat size.

Blade type

You get a few different choices in blades that are suitable for scroll saws.

  • Standard tooth blades – The teeth of these blades are uniformly spaced and even in size.
  • Wooden blades – These blades have bigger spacing between the teeth and the teeth are bulkier. This is for clearing the sawdust when you are cutting.
  • Metal blades – The teeth are closer to one another and smaller. These types of blades are typically noisier.
  • Skip tooth – These blades have space or skip between teeth. It usually has half the number of teeth found on standard blades. The wider area between teeth ensures the blade remains cool. This type of blade is generally a good fit for beginners.
  • Specialty blades – These are usually spiraled blades; however, most people use standard or skip tooth blades.

Blade adjustments

Sometimes adjustments are made on the blades when cutting. Some people tighten the blade or they swap it out completely.

High-end scroll saws have a no-tool blade adjustment feature which makes it convenient and quick without the need for tools.

Dust collection

Visibility is key, particularly when you are busy with an overly complex or detailed pattern. You cannot make precise cuts when your vision is impaired or obstructed.

Some dust collection ports simply blow the dust away, while others collect the dust while you are cutting. Both options work well.